Season length vs durations of activities

Remember, though, that default season length is 14 days, that means a month on the calendar is compressed into roughly 4 and a third days.

Season length affects nothing except the length of seasons, so this kind of comparison is meaningless.
The only reason the season length scaling exists is so it’s reasonable to experience seasonal change without spending weeks (user time, not game time) playing.

Wait. It affects constructions times, doesn’t it? I thought those were directly scaled based on season length.
If nothing else is supposed to be scaled, then a lot of durations need to be redone.

Why would it do that? It manipulates calendar/weather, seasonal spawns and plant growth, that should be it.

Apparently it only does that if you set construction scaling to 0. Only half remembering that might explain the mixup.

Because I set the option to make it do so. As proxiehunter supposed, I did forgot that it wasn’t the default setting. But it is a setting!

Aah that thing.
That’s a shortcut to manually setting season length and construction length to be related to each other.

If you want to mess with construction scaling feel free, but like I said, adjusting calendar length doesn’t invoke some kind of crazy time dilation, it just changes how long the seasons are.

Healing rates, hunger, thirst, fatigue, time to perform actions, etc are all completely independent of calendar length.

Well good to know that for farming as well.

I’d like to see at least healing related to season length.

From one side I’m grateful for regenerative super-powers that let me re-grow limbs after a single night of sleep, at least at the beginning of the game…

But from the other side this makes many, many features in the game useless. Why have medical supplies? Bionics? Mutations? Why care for food, nutrition, shelter and defenses? Why have NPC companions who could stand guard over you while you spend a couple days recuperating?

You say you want it related top calendar, but it sounds like you just want it to be adjustable.

That’d work too, I guess.

I would actually prefer that arrangement (for having the date just be adjustable)

it would be okay if it was a toggleable option