Overnight healing is too fast

I think overnight regeneration is way too overpowered, the standard should realistically be imperceptive healer. Rimworld is a good example of how damage should be handled, with the risk of getting fingers, toes, and even entire limbs taken off. Internal organs could have damage done to them as well through in game actions, inhaling smoke damages the lungs, drinking and chemical exposure damages the liver. This would lead to full organ and limb transplants, either from a host or through a CBM, giving NPCs a whole new purpose. Thanks to the universe this takes place in, one could also use mutagen to make replacement limbs and organs. The procedure would be done on an Autodoc. Anesthesia would have to become craftable, substituted, or at the very least be given the option to go through with the procedure awake and taking an overwhelming amount of pain.


Sure, but right now if you need ingame weeks to heal it might make for a poor gameplay experience as there isn’t much to do when you wait and you can’t time skip. If at some point we can fastforward time, meaning just skip ahead while our survivor drink,eat, and rest and the world is still more or less simulated around him, it would be ok to be incapacitated for a long time but for now it’s not.

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With the use of bandages you could be fully healed in a couple of days, the point is to emphasize the use of first aid rather than magically regenerating a mangled limb with a nights rest. If you find an Autodoc, at least in my mind, should heal you much like the Mr. Stem Cell treatment. Which would make shady basements, labs, and hospitals all the more worth while to set up a base. There could even be a way to install an Autodoc into a vehicle.


This kind of thing is part of the problem caused by hp systems, you’re a big tough soldier type, but the instant you as much as stub your toe, the reflexive action is to go wait it out.
In a wound-based system you’d have treated wounds you’re dealing with constantly, you’d almost never be fully healed because that means too much downtime, so instead you bandage it or whatever and keep going. Youd only stop if you had a major wound and need to heal up, or if you’re doing something that requires you to be at 100%


How would a wound system work ? As a set of wound type that you can get each type corresponding to some penalty or death ?

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Imperceptive Healer is a great realism debuff. Best medical addition option to the game so far imho.

While I wouldn’t ask everyone to play this way. I like how the changes to bandages and the other medical items, no longer instantly heal the character. You are not suppose to get hurt. The best way to stay alive is not get shot. Not get cut. Not get hurt.

People don’t normally get f*cked up like you do in video games and that is for a reason. It is a common survival of the fittest way of thinking. When you take physical trauma. It is damn foolish to try to “walk it off” unless you are in immediate danger. The average person wouldn’t go full Terminator mode and charge at the undead unless they truly knew wtf they were doing to kill a mob.

The only thing I’d like added atm would be stimpacks being a thing in CATDDA similar to Stalker Last Day(off of ModDB).

Never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but if the stimpack is anything like in Fallout then there already is something in the game like that, the RX12 Jet Injector.


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Add Stalker style stimpacks please.

Stalker is a great resource for ideas that perfectly match CatDDA

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Yeah. I know of them. But I haven’t seen one in real months. I just assumed they maybe much more rare or perhaps removed.

I hope they still exist. But I even after finding many military areas and soldier types. I haven’t found a single one. Beyond that however. I really would be impressed if we could get Stalker style stims though. Example:

1- Home Made: Kinda low grade and will make you drowsy. A little dehydrated and give you the munchies(kidding? lol) Dulls your perception and you will need some rest after usage.

2- Hospital Quality: Made before the apocalypse in sterile labs. These will be more efficient healing devices with fewer debuffs. Debuffs include hunger/thirst with a slight hit to your perception. Low sleep increase.

3- Military Grade: Mixing the healing reagents of lab quality with epinephrine and glucose. This little cocktail will be useful in dire situations. The hunger and thirst debuffs are offset by the glucose and nutrients added while the epinephrine will put that skip in your step! You come down hard and require a lot of rest afterwards. But it heals you. Jump starts your heart into run like hell action AND keeps you alive to tell the tale!

4- Experimental wtf is in this?? Found in labs and makes you ponder. This stimpack was being worked on before all hell broke loose in the world. You are pretty sure by the label it’ll ring your bell and heal you…maybe? In any event. It says to not take with other drugs or alcohol and you may or may not pass out. Assuming you wake up afterwards. It should have healed you…may or may not damage your genetics and have mutation side effects. Gee…sounds great!


It’s still in the game, I’ve found one on a random soldier corpse and another just sitting next to a few unopened crates in the middle of the woods.

Thanks for the info. Would still enjoy Stalker style ones =D

The weird part about health points is that they are an abstract and dont play well with “real life”. The human body and mind are amazing. In times of great stress a human can do truly amazing and terrible things and in times of calm… a paper cut, a stubbed toe, or an ice cream induced ‘brain freeze’ can seen almost debilitating.

When it comes to health and realism in a video game you can destroy all the fun by trying to emulate life too closely. Imo the health redux traits are nice.

Reading back a few lines. I’m still unclear of what you mean? That and because even reading what I wrote, makes me feel like a stranger reading my own crap…not being in the same mindset.

It seems to be about human response to pain and injury, that’s my perception of it at least.

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I think at least half the player base would appreciate a long heal time. With natural reactions. I also think it should be a toggle option. Not everyone wants that. I respect many opinions =D