One question about frozen food

why all the snake will be frozen in spring and winter,even though it can ont be frozen in the real world.I hope it can be change in the next update.
I am a Chinese and my English is not goo.
lf there are some grammar problem,please pick it out.Thanks.

What do you mean by snake? Snake like :snake:? Or pasta noodles macaroni? Dry pasta has a flag that allows it to be eaten frozen. Cooked pasta has lot of water in it so it can freeze. Hope that helps.

An interesting point though. Pasta doesn’t freeze. Let us not go into such -60F degree nonsense and just say winter doesn’t go that extreme, mmm k?

Well if you want to get technical anything and everything can be frozen, 32F is only the freezing point of water which, for the most part, is in every food item available unless it had been dried out completely. If you put pasta in a freezer it will freeze, even uncooked pasta will be different than if it was room temperature.

If you want to get really really technical (which you shouldn’t) freezing is just when matter goes from a liquid state into a solid state in which case pasta is always frozen.

It can also be considered the point where it’s so cold that microbial growth is stopped, this preserving it from metabolic action of microorganisms and effectively preserving it.

It would not be too difficult to replace “eaten frozen” flag with a freezing point below rationally achievable in game. I’m not interested in fixing it but I would not oppose if someone would pick it up.

Wow. I’d love to see snakes just freeze on the spot the day the winter comes. And you can then just use them as a baseball bat or 2bySword to fight zombies. 2bySnake…

… i want to spell snack at first.And some foods like rainbow-suger(or it should be called Skittles?)can not be frozen in low temperature.This is what i can not understand.

Hell Freezes Over in CDDA… Even food you cooked a minute ago gets insta frozen. :slight_smile:

Skittles can absolutely be frozen though. Have you ever tried putting them in a freezer or eat them with ice cream? That’s a good way to break your tooth.

you got me there… i do that once for i believe skittles taste better when frozen.