Attempted to heat up a frozen meal

It was previously edible while just frozen, but once heated up, it became inedible. Listed as (hot), (frozen)…

This whole frozen thing seems to be quite bugged to me.

When I started my latest game (Out of Town scenario, starting at a farm), there were several items of food and drink that were listed as being ‘cold’ in the farmhouse. Then I saved my game and exited, as I had to sort my mod-order out, but when I loaded my game up again, all the food and drink had become ‘frozen’. This was true for the various crops out in the field as well.

Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s getting a bit frustrating… :confused:

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Had a frozen jerrycan full of lemonade. Tried to defrost it, and at the end of the process it had just frozen again, apparently.

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How are we supposed to keep food from freezing? I have a house I keep regularly heated with a wood stove, which should do it for at least the room its in and bring up the temp of adjacent rooms, but its the same temp as the outside.

I think that is a major issue that needs to be fixed.

If it is a new feature it seems bugged. I play an older version and don’t see anything freezing in my car with no heat. Try it in a vehicle. See if it thaws. Not as though it fixes the obvious problem. But you could build a car in your house if you had too.

There’s also the fact that being near a fire doesn’t seem to auto-defrost things. You would think that being immediately adjacent to a fire for 24 hours would warm things up, but apparently not.


I’m so glad my version Isn’t up to date. Lol


I had to stopped playing on my main character because the frozen updates made the winter that just started unbearably annoying, so yeah sometimes I wish I didn’t update so every day.

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I’m not sure who submitted the PR that introducted this stuff, but it would be nice to get some feedback; either from that person or from one of the project leads, such as Kevin Granade… :wink:

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Seems to be fixed. Though I would like a house to retain heat, that seems like a necessary step now that food can freeze.

I’m still having issues with the freezing stuff. One minute stuff is cold, then the next it’s frozen. And then the reverse happens…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Weird, I guess spring is getting warm enough that I don’t get the freezing bug.

That makes sense. If I remember correctly, the seasons change gradually, so the middle of winter will be colder than the beginning or the end…

Yes they do. Its a subtle but nice detail.

Okay, after some more playtime with this system in place, maybe it’s not as bugged as it first seems.

Stuff still keeps freezing/unfreezing, but you just need to make sure you have access to a fire or a good supply of headpacks.

In my current game, I was lucky in that I started with several military crates nearby, and they had some MREs in them. There was also a mess-kit in the farmhouse where I began.

Winters are going to be hellish though, so I’ll have to prepare well… :wink:

Winter freezing does not bug me as My deathmobile has a hotplate built in. Don’t try to heat items with portions 10 or more as it heats them individually and it would take long enough for the first portion to freeze causing the stack to freeze

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Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

Learned this from trying to heat up 30+ protein shake

Has this been fixed yet?

Kinda odd to have food/drink on your person and it freezes. The body temperature would prevent this.

There was a small update in one of the recent experimentals, but not sure if that has ‘fixed’ the problem of food freezing where it really shouldn’t. Last time I was in-game (a couple of days ago), food and drink seemed to be behaving normally, but I might have just got lucky with the temperature where I was… :slight_smile: