NPC REALLY dislike camp manager

Hey there, first post here!
Just switched from 0.D to experimental, loaded my last save and got back to my camp. There are 6 npc guarding my future crops (looks like guarding was the only way to stand them still in 0.D) and similar garrison is attended on several Camp missions.
I went to a second camp manager (yes, i had two in one camp ocassionnaly) and recalled a guy from kitchen-expansion mission, just to find his corpse shortly after in a oppose corner of the camp (near my first camp manager and in front of those 6 guards). Right after this i started to talk with guarding npc-s, trying to figure out what happened, and after i cancelled their guard duty they started to fight camp manager. Soon after things got messy and ended up with three more npc corpses.

Im a bit confused - is it a bug due to my switch from 0.D, or maybe there is a communistic improvement, so the working class npcs overthrowing their manager? Is there any option to stop them from killing each other?

Also i tried to calm them down by assigning to the camp works, but this tab only shows the message that i don`t have any npc stationed here without any options.

This is entirely possible it is due to the upgrade from 0.D stable to experimental.

So much has changed with NPCs, factions and faction camp code, that id be more suprised if something didnt go wrong.

By any change do you still have the savegame from before it all went wrong? I might be able to fix up some things, because there may be some people upgrading from 0.D to 0.E stable, and I didn thave any old old savegames available to test, yours would be really helpful!

Thanks for explanation, that was the prior point of my question, so this knowledge will spread to whom it matters, and also thank you for your help, but I really sorry not to have backed up anything. Since this character already met all his goals i will start some new challenge.

Somewhere along 0.D->0.E transition “camp manager” became an obsolete thing. I guess you could say managers were overthrown, just by devs, not NPCs :slight_smile:
PS. Also, if you want to use backticks(`), put backslash(\) before them so they won’t mes with message formatting. Or just use apostrophe(’) instead, those are safe.

If you’re running Windows 7+, your system might have backed it up for you.
Try right-clicking your games save folder and select “Restore previous versions”. Click one of the entries (if there are any) from before the update, click “copy…” and save it somewhere useful (you probably don’t want to replace your current folder).
I had to do that here and there to replace a corrupted save file…


Great advice, thank you. Unfortunately I turned off this option on my OS. Perhaps, most importantly, it would be useful for someone on Windows.