NPC problems

I’ve been attacking an NPC for a few minutes, but every attack is blocked by their left arm (though it says i.e. “You hit ***'s eyes for X damage”), the NPC fights back and I consistently block with my pointy stick. I would just like to know if I am dealing any damage or if not is there any way to kill this NPC.

Tried a truck? Really, those things are good. Or "D"ropping something into him and making it burn.

It does sound like a glitch, you should use the debug menu to kill it

the npcs are turned off. has anyone worked on the npc code in months?

NPCs are bugged, but I think the problem here is the block code seems to have been broken by the recent martial arts refactor, blocking is happening way more often than it’s supposed to.

Yeah I’m taking a look at it right now, mostly it’s just a bunch of old functions that no longer function properly with the new martial arts.