Unable to target NPC's with Wooden Javelins

Hey guys, hope all is well!

So I just lost my character to something that bothered me quite a bit. The weapon of choice for the protagonist was wooden javelins, throwing them with a skill around 4-5.

At one point in the game, I met a random npc wandering the fields outside my base. He tried to rob me but my char would have none of it and went on the defence.

Now here comes the problem: My char was unable to target the npc with the javelins. When moving the target marker over onto him, and threw the javelin, I missed. And it was no message that I missed or anything like that, it was like if I had just thrown the javelin at a random piece of grass. The only way I was able to attack him was by " moving into him ", thus attacking in meele. My char was however not skilled in melee, so he was easily killed by the npc ( Who was using ammunition as a weapon, clobbering my char to death ). It was also raining during the fight, if that makes any difference.

NPC’s are very buggy right now, I know that. But thought I should mention this anyway.

You were fighting Colonel Volgin?

You were fighting Colonel Volgin?[/quote]

You could just have waited for him to be hit by a lighting bolt.

No, seriously, why did you fight? just run away, grab a vehicle and run over him.

Edit: And yeah, from what i’ve read in other threads NPCs are really bugged right now, just turn them off in options or use static NPCs spawn for trade.

Well, as my char was able to down a zombie by a single well-aimed javelin to the head, I din’t expect a poor sod using an ammo box as a weapon to be much of a fight.

Unfortunately, that sod had the bug-gods on his side and lived to tell the tale. Bastard.

Well, that’s pretty much Cataclysm, shit happens…

I’m sorry for your character, but at least now he won’t have to drink water from toilets anymore.

Toilets? Drinking Toilet-water is for … Toilet-water-drinkers! My char was a man with a plan. He had custom-made plastic funnels outside his base, collecting rainwater.
It’s saddening that NPC’s are so broken, cause I think they add a lot of feel to the game, as you meet then randomly out in the world, offering a chance to get some nice items trough trade but also the risk of being attacked by them.