NPC'S are wayyyyyyyyyy too OP

I got into an altercation with a female NPC when she told me to get out of the area and got hostile, I shot at her in multiple bursts with a TEC-9 and all she had left was a skirt and boots, I continued firing and she did not have damage inflicted… I gave up on the gun and hit her with a rock in a sock and she still barely had damage taken while she managed to beat me to death with her overpowered fists. Is there a way to get NPC’s to not be that OP? It’s really stupid.

NPCs OP? Usually when NPCs are brought up its about their uselessness and/or their stupidity.

Actually, you have the same super-power they do, namely that damage done to a broken limb effectively vanishes - no amount of damage to arms or legs will kill you (or NPCs).

So yeah, sometimes an NPC can soak literally thousands of points of damage (seen it once or twice), but then, once in a while, so can you (I’ve done that once or twice and lived to tell the tale).

This is a known bug with armor calculations, with a possible fix waiting for merging.

I’m just glad to see the rock in a sock is still getting some use.