NPC Head Explosions?!

I was just wondering a little thing: Why do NPC’s head’s randomly explode? It has happened to me 3 times as of yet (one of them being an ally,) not annoyed with it as such, I just want to know why, because they are literally just sitting on the floor trying to use chocolate pancakes as a weapon (although they aren’t fighting anyone nearby) and BAM! It suddenly says:

'[NPCName]‘s brain explodes!’

WHY?! I know NPC’s are buggy but am I missing something here? I’m not accidently blowing them up with my pipe shotty, I know that for a fact.

Due to their buggy nature, NPCs usually crash/corrupt the game. To stop this from happening, the game kills the NPC so it doesn’t crash/corrupt the game.

The first time this happened I thought there was some kind of really powerful turret/robot and I got really worried for a minute.

Is this real? It’s just soo funny x’D

No mortal man can handle chocolate pancakes without having an aneurysm.

It was originally added to prevent the NPC from getting stuck in an infinite loop and possibly locking the game up. Sadly it also has a tendency to trigger if the NPC is attacking with a really fast weapon. :stuck_out_tongue:

NPCs are the Fist of the North Star, in reverse.

Ah okay, thanks everyone, now I know for sure my brain won’t just go ‘LOL CBA FOR THIS S**T’ and blow up like the NPC’s seem to. Lawl. ^^

NPC ineptitude brainsplosions? This revelation is the miracle that makes the apocalypse worth surviving.

No mortal man can handle chocolate pancakes without having an aneurysm.[/quote]

Let me quote this.

Go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the funniest things to ever happen to me in game was being killed by NPC skull shrapnel, about 6 turns into a new game.

this is actualy in game? cool

actualy nice idea to fix crash created by buggy npc

Corgus god of pancakes commands the destruction of all who misuse his power!