W-What...what is it? O.o

Ehhhmm,yesterday,out of my base,i found this slaughtering scene and a NPC (the man near the racoon) O.O (i’m italian,that’s why the game is in italian and in english xD)

but,if you watch this other scene,you can see that a few seconds later the NPC brain explode!And i didn’t attack or touch him O.O he haven’t got any kind of explosive or gun xD (infact his corpse is in the same position of the last image,near the racoon)

That’s a mistery xD

I have encountered this before. I think that NPC decided to suicide and blast his head. =[

When an NPC attempts to do something stupid too often/quickly (like repeatedly wielding a lighter) their head will explode to keep them from glitching out.

Or maybe it was a terrorist xD

annnnnn,understood :3

npc head explosions is failsafe mechanism what kill npcs when he is in infinite loop

Or maybe just this

Glorious best korean device to keep loyal NPC subjects from defecting. Defective thought detected? See result.

All hail glorious best leader Kim Jong-Un!