NPC's head explodes when moving from inside mall loading dock to outside

Windows XP on ASUS Eee minilaptop

So we got in a huge fight with some slimes. I was with 4 npc’s on my team. we all had alot of damage to our limbs. we all had at least one arm or leg at 0 hp.
So I was requiping my team and then when we moved she blew up. so I save skimmed. she blew up 2x again. so I used debug to raise her hp on her arms and it did not give me explody npc. she was weilding a makehshift glaive or a knifespear. I dont like save skimming but it does help me test the bugs i’m runnning into. I also dont mind using debug to heal a few hp since the Doctor npc on my team cant heal anyone even with all our medical gear.

I’m super grateful for the solution to npc corrupting the save file is to blow them up, but i’d love them to stop having that problem. especally when its an ammo/attacking too fast. seems like that would be a bug that could be fixed. but then again i’m no programer and dont want to code. so thank you to all who do.