NPC command hotkeys

This is a very simple suggestion to increase the user-friendliness of NPC companions. I feel this would be most beneficial to combat commands (attack, retreat) but could be used in day to day life too (pulp/don’t pulp, eat or drink, stay in the vehicle, etc.)

I would suggest that the F# keys be used, since they are currently not utilized in game and would fit perfectly in this role. It would also be nice to be able to switch between individuals or all followers.

Finally, I also think there are a few commands missing from current follower combat commands. For example, I would like to have commands for followers to stay as close as possible to the PC or spread out, or a command to simply hold position, as opposed to guard this location.

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I can look at adding keybinds for companion commands, but it’s another post 0.D feature. And it’s another one where I need to do a bunch of set up work before moving much farther, because there’s now enough companion commands that they need a proper JSON interface instead of hand-coding everything in C++.

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This would be a truly wonderful addition to the game, of course I understand it won’t be happening until 0.E experimentals, this is just fine. Huge thanks in advance for any effort that goes into this!

Just saw this on reddit, looks like we’re already seeing progress very early on in the life of 0.D! Thanks much mlangsdorf for your work!