Vote on what features you'd like for 0.E!

Hey everyone, 0.D is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about the next version. There’s a much longer list of possible features for 0.E that could ever reasonably be included, so I’ve put together a survey that will help to rank possible candidates and choose which ones get the spotlight. It’s a great chance to have a say in the game direction!

As it mentions in the survey, nobody controls what individual contributors decide to work on as passion projects. This is by no means the only stuff that will get into 0.E. Also, nobody can guarantee that something isn’t going to turn out to be a bigger can of worms than expected and get delayed. Still, it’s a great start!

Here’s the link:


Oh? This should be exciting. Looking forward to what comes up next. Mutation stuff, powering all these lovely fridges that come in houses and npc’s get my votes.

Mmm. This hopefully won’t sound as negative as I think it will. Surveys are good for feedback, props for even taking that step.

But the specific things I’d like to see improved aren’t really there. Like for z-levels. All the stuff listed is neat and all, but I’d rather see general improvements to the z-level system as a whole, not specifically the things that were mentioned.

Similarly, with adding mapgen content, yeah, I’d like to see all those things, but I’d rather see the mapgen code and json improved. Like changing the limitations on overmap specials, adding more control over spawning frequency in the json, stuff like that.

Though, full disclosure, I haven’t played Cataclysm in a while, or even modded in a bit, so I may be a bit fuzzy on specifics or even be wrong in my remembering.

A rework of how mutations work, and hopefully an expansion to what mods can do with them, has been a long time coming. That being said I would love for their to be more attention paid toward the progression of time, how zombies evolve, and what survivors do when you’re not looking. Everybody wants working safehouses. Lots of tough choices on this survey.

Sorry if I misread this, but what are the ranks for numbering? 1 being most important, and 9 being least important? Or the other way around?

1 is the most important

The first question is there under the assumption that you may have issues not addressed in the other categories. The specific questions are from candidate issues that have been posted to github.

I’m not sure how you could have much more precise management over monster spawning in json than we already do. It’s a pretty finely tunable machine. Overmap special limitations will probably happen, but it’s not yet clear how much they need to change before something like biomes comes in, for example.

I actually meant spawning of particular locations. Occurances can be set to a minimum of 0 and a maximum of one, but this means that each overmap tile has a 50/50 on whether it contains the location or not. I’d rather that be more flexible, since most locations that people add seem to be more like ‘once in a while’ sort of buildings.

But again, I might be incorrect, most of my knowledge about this is anecdotal.

Also, I recognize this is maybe not the place for me to talk about this. I just wanted to say that ‘I like improvements’ but most of the specific options didn’t tickle my fancy.

You can add:

  1. The taming of animals?

2.NPC who can discuss different topics with the player and other NPCs? For example:

NPC1: What weapons do you like to use?

NPC2: Shock. And what?

NPC1: Boring. So I decided to talk to you on some topic …

NPC2: Well … Okay. I’ve been with anyone for so long

I did not talk that I almost forgot how to talk …

  1. More mutations? For example: kangaroo legs, regeneration, chameleon skin, and the like …

About tilesets:

You can somehow tie up a walk animation, use of objects and so on to the Chesthole and its other versions of the tileset. It is too hard to watch the characters “float in the air” imitating walking, and learn about the use of the object through the text.

Thanks for attention…

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I would like some mutations to be able to compete with endgame weapons and armor.

Also, rebalance the point values for broken/failed cyborg and tweaker etc… +2 for that rough of a start? Well, I guess its only for a challenge.

“Gameplay mechanics” seems kind of over-broad to have its own category, but there’s my two cents in the bucket anyway.

The ability for items to have a negative weight. (mostly for gun mods that reduced weight more significantly than a lightweight furniture mod, mod I would make is a skeletal pistol grip).

I should clarify, we’re not really looking for ideas here.

So is this going to be “Oleg. Eli” ?

This is reflected in my survey answers, but I want to quickly elaborate a little since this is personally my #1 feature request above all else; NPC orders are mentioned, but not hot-keys. I would really, really love to see a robust NPC command system with hotkeys, pleease!

edit: I actually posted a thread about exactly this a little while ago, but it got no attention; NPC command hotkeys
glad to see this mentioned in this survey though :slight_smile:

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I want fonts to be great again! Since .C the font rendering hasn’t been good (I give multiple examples in a github issue…). What’s worse, the interface was borked for me on “.D”. I prefer font-only, so this irks me a lot than an ASCII game has messed up font rendering.

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i was thinking about possibilities to add “individual body parts damage” to the zombie… like smashing zombie leg will slow them down and etc…

that would be awesome.


Subsonic ammunition.

I’ve been waiting for so so long, it’s getting ridiculous.

I understand that nobody wants this game to turn into a run and gun but honestly ammunition does run out, and you’ll still be forced to fall back or switch to melee.


Good call on mutations. I want a lower spider half. Kinda like tentacle legs but more like a drider.

Just felt like this was important to this thread.

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