One thing that always gets my NPC’s killed is that they don’t retreat with me, I often kite or use fighting retreat methods to take out larger hordes. I like having companions with me it makes the game feel more real because its not so empty, they can if equipped and trained well hold their own in most fights, they can carry gear and provide skills and help crafting and constructing.

But they are rather retarded, I realize this is the fault of the basic ai and not much can be done until it is completely overhauled.

In the mean time is it possible to give them a couple new commands that can emulate tactics?

Maybe a stick close to me command that keeps them closer to your character than normal and they stay with in this range regardless of outside stimuli. The reverse would also be cool

A fighting retreat or kiting tactic that forces them to retreat a step once they have fired their gun or swung their weapon.

I’ve tried using the other options and while they have great uses they only partially work against large hordes. Setting them up in a line and telling them to only attack what comes close is my usual tactic but it falls flat as soon as the horde starts to close around us or my character starts to get fatigued.

You can give them orders when to fight. I generally go with “attack things that ive attacked first”, if i need to retreat, “dont fight unless your life depends on it”. You can change this mid-combat by [c]hatting with them, and it only takes somwehere around one turn.

They respond to engine sound. Start your car and they will run to their seat. Very disciplined.

I have to second this, or some way to get NPC commands a little finer, even if it’s as simple as ‘disengage to stick with me’ or something. The hate for anything not a human runs so deep in them that they’ll keep wailing away at things even when, say, I’ve just thrown out a live C4 next to the fungal hedges, and have already told them to not fight unless their life depends on it. And they’re also on top of the C4. (A comedy of errors in itself. Note to NPCs: I know you think you’re being heroic and all, but please don’t shield the giant fungus with your body.)

Maybe I should have used ‘only fight things you can kill easily?’ Or maybe I should have told them the raid wasn’t ready for a pull…

Something that makes them inclined to stay closer would also be really helpful in the dark. I say that with stats that tend to make them follow just outside of my night vision, though, so maybe it’s not as big a deal for other people. And while we’re at it, maybe a ©hat command that quickly gives one combat order to a whole group?

No offense but you didn’t even read what was written if you though I needed to be told how to command npc’s