New menu functionality for NPCs and factions

Just a PSA because I’ve added a feature that may be easily overlooked.
For around 5 years now the # key opened a menu of game factions, and for around 5 years, they had no in-game purpose at all.

I’ve taken over the # faction menu to display a list of all your NPC followers, and a summary of their status, equipment, skills etc.

Another tab lists your faction camps and info about them, and location and so on.

PR that was merged here with more info.

So , basically, the thing that has been a useless key for years now has some use.
PSA over.


Thank you so much, I noticed once I started a “Next Summer” survivor and managed to find the new UI, really nice as it told me everything about my followers, needs, skills, etc. Sound like a broken record but thank you for making such a great feature.

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That’s fantastic.

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