NPC AI interface ideas (shouting)

I promise…I looked. I didn’t find anything about this…so here I go.

Firstly, I realize that NPCs are borked right now. One day, if life is good, however, they won’t be. When that day comes, I’d like to be able to shout commands to any followers via a special interface. Ideally, NPCs will have both a broader and more specific set of configurable AI patterns in dialogue. What I’d like is the ability to set a series of AI conditions as a command, and then execute it with a shout. The success of this shout could be based off of the speaking skill, as well as the chance that they’ll choose to execute the commands. And perhaps there could even be a new skill like ‘Tactics’ which opens up new AI possibilities in dialogue. Essentially, this is to represent the greatest strength of human beings, which is the ability to suss out a situation, and plan a strategy, and execute it using communication as needed to alter behavior.

So, for an idea of how I imagine this working out, lets assume that you’ve got 2 NPCs which you’ve recruited. You set up two different commands…first one we’ll call Watch My Back. The AI in this stays within 5 squares of the PC regardless of other conditions. The AI engages any hostiles that attack the PC, and prioritizes the PC’s target in the case of multiple mobs. The second we’ll call Sniper. In this, the AI has the NPC stay wherever they are when the command is called and proceed to take shots with their most accurate ranged weapon at the mob it is has the best chance of hitting. If enemies close to within 15 squares (say) then the Sniper command is closed, the PC is alerted, and they can issue a new command or let the NPC go to its default behavior.

These are just some basic ideas and examples. Little points. Shouting commands should generate noise dependent upon the distance of the NPC to the PC. I’d like to see a AI code that allows the NPC to shout back information as well, or, even better, use radios to avoid making lots of noise. This way I could make a scout program in which the NPC patrols at a certain radius from the PC, and radios in information about threats (or even specifically requested items) as soon as they become visible. It could be as vague as, ‘Boss, we’ve got a Shocker Brute NE of my position’, or as specific as allowing the PC to actually view the NPCs vision radius.

Anyway, I know that this stuff is a long way out, but ideas were coming, and I thought it better to put them down here than to let them bleed into the ether, unheard.

Would be cool if theyd even shout stuff to each other xD

Like no don t meele that tank you retard run away .
Get out of my line of fire!!!

perhaps some snarky remarks or shouts of aproval.

Yes all that i strongly aprove.

I’m not sure if any of the people who worked on NPCs are still around.

If you want it badly enough, code it yourself.

[quote=“TheFlame52, post:3, topic:8270”]I’m not sure if any of the people who worked on NPCs are still around.

If you want it badly enough, code it yourself.

This is getting a little out of hand too. This is a suggestions board. It’s not a demand board. People are allowed to post whatever suggestions they’d like, and responses like this make it seem like these suggestions are unwarranted or unwanted.


[quote=“Valpo, post:2, topic:8270”]-snip-
Get out of my line of fire!!!

I’ve had a NPC tell me that before, never had 2+ following me at the same time though so see if they would say it to each other.

Thanks vache.

I don’t know how to code, and I obviously don’t want this one feature sufficiently to spend the time and energy learning to code just to create it. That being said, if it’s a good idea and other people are inspired by it, maybe someone who does know how to code might find it an intriguing puzzle. If not, I’ll live. I’ve been playing without it this whole time. All in all, I merely thought that it would be a good way to start building mechanisms that would finally allow my character to be the leader of the rebuilding effort that he has often dreamed about.

Mmm, shouting commands at followers. I too have played DCSS.

I wonder if this will add some extra functions to radios/cellphones/communication CBM’s, because as someone who loves to sneak, I’d hate to shout all across town.