No more corpses?

Whenever I kill things, they no longer leave corpses. All I get is a little red blood spot. I think it might have something to do with the fact that i’ve killed thousands of zombies and I’ve survived until almost Winter now. Is there any way to fix this, or am I doomed to eat scavenged food for the remainder of my years?

i have had this red splatter happen to me too the cause of it though i think might be that your character is doing a high amout of damage with the weapon that you are using dont worry you will see corpses again soon its probably just your damage output is causing your enemies to disintegrate from the sheer power of your character or this may be a bug anyway hoped this helped

sometimes if I kill things with excesive force
(running over a bunny with a semi at 200 mph for example) it only leaves a little blood stain.
Are you using some kind a very high power gun?

Yea that’s most likely it, once your skill level is very high, the amount of damage you deal moves into the “overkill” bracket and starts having a chance to destroy the corpse. We’ve been discussing having it blow the bady apart instead (arms, legs, misc chunks) which would be individually butcherable to keep you being good at combat from making you unable to hunt.

Short term try using a .22 on animals you want to butcher (or in some cases maybe even a bb gun).

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Really, overkill bodsplosions should only take effect on things that are smaller than humanoid. It’s intent is to simulate the fact that taking out a squirrel with a .50 cal is going to leave few things

Those “few things” could be little chunks of meat, for example…

Those “few things” could be little chunks of meat, for example…[/quote]

not even once
Must I remind you he actually shoots at the groundhogs with a .223 caliber rifle, not that .50 caliber barret. So yeah, not much of anything worth of value would be left:

Whereas in actuality, the spikes on my bumper vaporize bears. Chunks of chitin survive though. :smiley:

Yeah, it’s overkill. I had this problem with headshotting squirrels until I noticed that the corpse survived if the hit only grazed. It’s hard to visualize with an arrow, but I’ve experienced this problem in reality using birdshot at close range. The only bits of meat remaining are smaller than 1cc, and they’ve been rolling on the ground by the time you get to them. Not nearly as appetizing as an intact carcass, which is roughly “clean” under the skin.

Yeah it was from massive damage. I was running over wolves and cougars, or shooting them point blank with my browning blr. Kind of sucks though because I’d prefer not to fight them with a combat knife, and from range it’s not a guaranteed kill with the rifle, but I suppose that’s realistic enough, if it has to be full meat or no meat instead of a gradient.

I’m assuming as my driving goes up, the ammount of damage I do when I run things over increases as well? Or perhaps I never noticed blood splatters before.

Those “few things” could be little chunks of meat, for example…[/quote]

not even once
Must I remind you he actually shoots at the groundhogs with a .223 caliber rifle, not that .50 caliber barret. So yeah, not much of anything worth of value would be left:[/quote]
The only Cataclysm-like overkill there was the tannerite. Even a .50 cal is gonna leave two big chunks of rodent behind. (assuming it’s a direct hit)

Overkill should only occur on explosions, roadkill being a thing and all.

I don’t think I’ve ever left a carcass when I ran something over. The least damage I remember doing with a vehicle was maybe 350-ish, which will kill a tankbot. With spikes and high speed, that gets into the thousands.

How attached are you to using rifles? A Marlin 39A with conical rounds is decent for controlled damage, but I don’t think you can craft that ammo. There’s a pipe rifle for the rather common 9mm round, but it’s a POS.

I don’t suppose anyone has gone out bird hunting here? There’s a reason birdshot is called birdshot.
Using anything else would turn the prospective target into a fine red mist.

Squirrels and the like would generally be turned into inedible roadkill. Wolves, foxes, badgers and the giant-sized predators you generally find in the cataclysm world should have sufficient mass to generally have butcherable remains left over after a shotgun blast or running over them in your deathmobile.

Maybe give crossbows and longbows a max damage, so you can still oneshot zeds and suchlike but it wouldn’t be enough to vaporize prospective hunting targets?

Why make it a hack job maximum damage for crossbows and longbows specifically? What we need are proper mechanics to handle extreme damage. For example, a headshot with a high powered firearm is going to put the target down, but should actually cause less damage to the body which is where most of the creature’s mass lies. Still, a very small creature might disintegrate. I would at least consider overkill damage before headshot multiplier is applied. Of course, this applies to creatures which have vital spots like a brain in their head only.

I disagree, actually. I think it should effect all creatures. But I think the threshhold of what constitutes “completely annihilation” damage should obviously increase significantly the larger (or, more simply, higher health) a creature is.

I’m fine with a 20-ton death-machine turning a bear into fine red paste, or at least leaving very few gibs behind. Or even accomplishing the same thing with a mini-nuke. but the damage capacity of standard weapons clearly shouldn’t be enough for large animals.

Basically, I think one possible way to do this would be to have an amount of “gibs” possible from overkill based on the size of the creature, and every so many points of overkill one of those gibs are removed.

Take a rabbit, say it has 5 health. (1 gib)
Take a bear, say it has 40 health. (8 gibs)
And take a hulk, say it has 80 health. (16 gibs)

You have some sort of blaster cannon weapon that deals 100 damage, and we’ll say that each 10 points of overkill beyond the initial overkill targets destroys a gib, and “overkill” is marked at dealing max-life damage with a single shot. (the details can obviously be changed, but for the purpose of this exercise)

The rabbit is obviously completely destroyed. At 5-15 points of damage, it would leave a single gib, but anything beyond that would leave nothing but a red splotch.

The bear, however, leaves a 2 gibs even at a hundred damage. That’s 60 points of overkill, meaning -6 gibs. But something, at least, is scavengeable.

The hulk, meanwhile, is overkilled by a mere 20 points. That means -2 gibs, with 14 remaining.

I think this, or something like it, would be pretty workable.

I was planning on just calculating the # of gibs as per animal size and scattering them around a bit, but I like the idea of increasing levels of overkill wiping out more and more of the body. Also I’ll be looking at making sensible chunks, like limbs and such if at all possible.

That’s why I wanted to weigh in. I actually like the “red smear of blood” effect for super high damage values, even if the implementation is terrible, and I wouldn’t want to lose it completely.

Limbs would be great. I’d love to beat zombies to death with a hulk’s arm.

If you could work bleeds into the same code, that would be great. Nothing like a stuck deer fleeing and leaving a massive blood trail behind. You’d see the same thing in dwarf fortress via crossbow bolts to the neck, they’d panic then fall over dead in a few minutes.

I really like disintegrating zombies with a frying pan + hydraulic muscles.

Took me a while to get behind it: right speed + mass of a vehicle to not destroy corpses and possible equipment. But, once figured out it’s all fine.

Still hoping to find hydraulic muscles somewhere.