How much damage prevents revivecation

In the game you need to damage corpses enough to prevent revivecation, however this got me thinking what kind of damage lore wise do you need for a corpse for it not to revive anymore I find this a rather interesting question sins not all types of damage seems to prevent revivecation, burning for example only seems to work if you burn a body to ash to atleast to a chared skeleton with scraps of molten meat clinging on to it. and acid only if you dissolve the corpse to a complete skeleton.

then there is what it means for a corpse to be considerd “pulped” in the lore which based on the discription of human corpses you can find in game that havent revived seems to be either having most of the brain including the most primitive parts and the cerebelum and maybe the brain stem removed (halve decapitated corpses) or being a gory heap of flesh in such a state that the majorety other vital organ other than the brain must have bin punctured and ruptered multiple times over and atleast have the bones in the body along with the spinal collum and al of the limbs broken and fractured. so if you are pulping a cospse is it enough to just completely remove/smash in to red paste the brain along with most of the brain stem and entire head or do you need to break every limb and rupture every vital organ to put them down?

You gotta mash the entire body into pulp so the blob can’t regenerate anything.
So i’m assuming you spend a few moments smashing everything you can.

that is what has got me confused becease in the game you if you only use your fists you only spend about 20 seconds pulping the corpse and only like a few second if you use a weapon so how do you pulp a corpse into a gory mess in that time frame?

Just start stomping away haphazardly, with something sharp you just chop it up. Something heavy you just smash it. Ever seen videos where they hack pig carcasses in half to test out swords? Same thing.

Since headless/brainless Zombies exist in the game, as do skeletons (which should not have a brain left and missing a lot of organs), my guess would be that the “pulping action” is jumping up and down (unarmed) on a corpse (or hack into it with your weapon) until you’ve dislocated as many joints as possible, broke a lot of bones and probably torn some tendons/ligaments too.

I think, they have to get chosen as a host (“infected”), as you can find human bodies that are still in good conditions but probably weren’t worth the effort of taking over and reviving (and/or there was no access to it).

Its also noted in the lab terminals that the blob need adequate sized hosts to make them mobile.

So you break something down enough and the blob going to have an issues reanimating the body, especially as a fist sized chunk kicked off the body.

See it similar to when you break apart a blob itself. If it breaks down to a small enough piece, then it would be incapable of mobility.

Go for the joints I guess. If the elbows and knees are wrecked then the zombie will more extremely poorly and it’s not worth reviving.

i thought it had something to do with the organs and body as a whole getting so damaged that the blob couldn’t stop the total oregan failure that happens after death and thus the body would still expre without reviving and the blod infestation would die along side it

The blob kills you through sepsis / total organ failure. If you are a zombie, then you’ve already gone through dying so the blob isn’t really causing your organs to work again, more like it’s possessing you as a sort of flesh puppet, using whatever muscles haven’t decayed to move around. Destroying enough muscles would cause the blob to not have enough control to move you around anymore, organs or no organs.

Obviously real life biology wouldn’t allow for something the size of a human to exist for an extended period of time without functioning organs, but that’s not really the point of zombies most of the time.

i wouldn’t say that. since we do have evidence of the blob taking the over the body means it keeps many processes going you would find in a living human and some of the organs seem to be working. the first one would be the stumach since we have acid zombies and i don’t see the blob making its own acid more likely whatever remains of the stumach is enlarged and used to produce the acid since this would be the easiest, second is the brain since multiple zombies display a evidence of memories of there former live (zombie wrestler, zombie grenadier, zombie scietist) and the fact that headshots do extra damage doesn’t make sence if the brain didn’t atleast controll the body. then there is that zombies seem to grow, gain muscle and mutate over time which could only be possible if normal metabolic processes contineud as well as some kind of hormonal cycle. they are also warmblooded so they emite heat and thus must have atleast a functioning metabolism. We also know that the immunesysteem seems to be still active since many zombies are discriped as having scars, festering or infected wounds these things can’t form without the immunesysteem.

I don’t see the blob doing al of these thing on it’s own when there is a far easier option of just coacing the organs into functioning agian and perheaps compensating for whatever damage/lost capacity there is through enhanced regeneration, doeing part of what the oragan does itself or just turning down certain metabolic processes (zombies don’t need to eat so anything related to that can be shut of or repurtest)

Actually, I think you might be right here. I didn’t know that zombies were warm blooded (never used IR goggles), although that brings in some other traits for the zombies that seem to fall out of line lore wise. If the zombies are still warm blooded, that means that they would likely have a functioning heart and would definitely still have functioning lungs, however they aren’t affect by poison gas, smoke, or tear gas so clearly their lungs don’t function. Also, them not having to eat (while I am 100% sure that this is for gameplay reasons) doesn’t make sense… like even in theory. A creature that large could not sustain itself long term without some intake of energy, and since they’re warm blooded it’s clearly not from ambient heat or sunlight. Really, I’m not sure what it could be.

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We know lore wise that the blob has entire dimentions just devoted to making energy so it wouldn’t be much of a streach to say that the blob simpely prevides the energy to keep the body running, as for the whole breathing thing, I personally have a theory that the blob can absorbe oxygen far quicker than earth life this would explain why the zombies would aren’t affected by poison gas and smoke since the blob would be doing the oxygen absorbion for them so it could just filter out any contaminants, as for tear gas, teargas doesn’t do anything to the lungs it just irretates the eyes but zombies don’t seem to care about such things. We also have further evidence in the fact that there are gaint incests since such creatures could never reach such a size becease they couldn’t absorbe enough oxygen but if the blob is giving them a helping hand than they could have enough oxygen to reach the sizes we see in the game.

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The process of a blob infested host begins with elevated emotions and irrational cognitive thinking. Leading to irratic behaviour that would lead to the hosts death. This seams to vary as not all hosts are affected the same way.

Upon death and full body shut down, the blob will reanimate the body if substantial mass is available, reactivating all prior functions like a used car.
The need for the organs is hard to pin since many zombies vary due to the blobs advance evolutionary feature. For example a blob can stimulate the brain likely to make use of it in most avalible zombies, were as a headless zombie can still function despite the lack of a brain. So need is a hard thing to point when it comes to the hosts organs, since this can vary.
What can be certain is that the blob seeks to consume more matter, initially with it host to expand within the body. Eventually ceasing to seek alternative sources, in which it will either consume or absorb, regardless of it being friend or foe; for example the dissolved Devourer has absord fellow zombies to add to its own mass, and continues to do so. All without the use mouth or stomach; the process of most fellow zombies.

Biological if we want to determine the Blob function, the best we can do is understand its motives, maybe to the whole species or to a single specimen, or both.
Since determining it biological functions within the host can result in many various forms, both predictable and contradictive to what we understand of the blob.

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In other words. Its hard to compare one zombie with another when each could design entirely different functions and motives to the other.

pulp them into a paste. anything else is not enough. think of it like necromorphs. the more limbs are missing, the harder it is to keep them together.
headless zombies can revive without brain stems. the nervous system is merely an auxiliary organ to the ooze.

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the best we can do is understand its motives, maybe to the whole species or to a single specimen, or both.

its motives are quite simple to understand. It wants only what every biological being wants. To reproduce and feed.

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But does it do that as a whole or singularly? Like a hive mind or as individuals?

Because you can notice things like zombies being consumed by fellow blobs specimens when they walk over goo traps or zombies that evolve to explode on proximity. So it one thing to determine that it does so in terms of survival, its another to determine how it approaches this.

I think - even though there’s not enough lore to support my train of thought - that the blob acts as a “hive mind”. It probably wants to take over earth to feed it’s energy needs and it uses whatever tools it can find on the way.
I also think, that they are not a “hive” as we know it, more like a multicellular organism. Each cell has it’s own “will” and creates/mutates to whatever it seems to fit - or it’s a random mutation in the line of darwinism (try and see what survives, improve on that and so on).

Let’s go check on what organs the blob utilizes in it’s host…

  • We know that Zombies without a brain exist, but they react towards sight, smell and noise. A brain is therefore not necessary but can be utilized.
    • Blobs do react if they “hear” something (detect virbations?), so ears are not necessary.
  • We know that Zombies can survive under water for infinite amount of time. Lungs not necessary.
    • We also know that some can scream, so they can utilize lungs.
  • We know that Zombies don’t feel pain. Nerve tissue not necessary.
  • We know that there are Skeletons, as well as Hulks. It can utilize muscles, but doesn’t need them.
  • Zombies don’t seem to eat, making killing only a defense strategy or a way to create new hosts (intestine and stomach not necessary).
    • Blobs do consume, including other hosts, to grow and multiply, which makes the “host used just a tool” theory more credible.
  • We know that Zombies bleed, but skeletons do not have any blood, making it not a necessity.
  • We know that Zombies give off heat, but don’t seem to be affected by temperature.
    • While this is probably just because it isn’t coded in yet, it’s reasonable to assume for now that the blobs generate their own heat using dimensional linkage.
  • There’s no Zombie without a spine.
    • Shooting/hitting the head may cause damage to the spine?

Is… the spine the answer? Can snails and octopi never get infected by the Blob?
Is that the reason there’s no manager Zombie? Cough


Its possible the blobs works in a form of layers when it comes to intelligence.

The initial cataclysm made mention that the attack were coordinated with highly evolved alien hosts (other worlds that fell victim?). It possible that the blob may either have a means of advance communication we’re not aware of, or their intelligence grow as the blob evolves in complexity (or both?), gradually developing a few specimens that act as the brain or leader. Examples like the Brain Blob or Zombie master, two complex beings that have evolved to a higher state and act as potential coordinators for lesser un-evolved blobs, hosts and non hosts.

So as for zombies getting hit in the head, it’s possible that the blob is attempting to make use of it. Gather information and utilise the host mind to further evolve. For physical evolution is one thing, mental evolution is another.

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Evolving and communicating blobs, hm…?

Survivor: Pops open a goo canister
Survivor: “Well, hello there, little fella!”
Blob: “Oof. Finally free. Thank you, my friend. It was weird in there, you can’t imagine-”
Shotgun shot
Survivor: “I have not idea what that thing was, but blobs don’t talk!”

Yeah, blobs seem to communicate and coordinate with each other, but don’t seem to have a lot of spatial sense…