Pulpers rejoice! New trait ahoy

Malicious (1-2 points?)
You are a violent person. You leave a definite mess whenever you kill something, mutilating corpses more than usual.

Something like that. Bloody mess! An extra level or two of damage for corpses. Oh, and more blood spatter would of course be a nice bonus as well.

Oh fallout :smiley: really dont see why not, until someone comes here and gives a good reason how this is a bad idea, but it would be fun leaving a blood bath after you :smiley:

It might reduce the chance to get usable meat, or reduce the meat gotten. And of course have the before-mentioned bloody mess.

Possibly the other way around, keep the current over-the-top gibbing (maybe with a teensy boost) with a bloody mess trait or option and tone it down to more reasonable levels by default.

Although driving through swamps just got a whole lot more fun :smiley:

I definitely approve of the option to paint the walls with combat. As annoying as being boomer blinded is, it’s fucking hilarious how much crap gets covered in that ugly pink.

Now red… hehehe. I’d try the trait. Sounds like it’s giving a bonus to hitting and a penalty to meat recovery though -

trait or flaw?

I support this trait, simply beacuse of how it changes a person’s playing style. So instead of hunting with they crowbar, which they would (most likely) destroy the meat with, they have to resort canned food and other food sources, I am in support. +1

Would this trait also make you not feel guilty for killing?

Oh, so enemies don’t drop dead damaged anymore. Too bad, I liked that a lot. Even made sense. (Corpses reanimating damaged enemies was a nice touch as well.)
Ah, looks like I’ll be going Malicious all the time if it ever gets implemented then.

Corpses are damaged on overkill, and zombie clothes are always damaged on drop, but misc stuff the zombies drop are not damaged by overkill, because it ended up not making sense a lot of the time.

This also means overkill will make zombies take longer to reanimate, or render them incapable of reanimating entirely.

Could the game keep track of slugs left in enemies? I’m sure making bullets takes something like that, so keeping track of what stuff sticks in the enemy would be neat (overkill would spill the bullets out behind them with lots of blood). Could be useful with an arrow system, instead of them just dropping or whatever they currently do after dealing damage.

Killing a re-animated damaged zombie will leave a regular ol’ undamaged corpse if you don’t do enough damage. Seems goofy.

That’s because the goo rebuit it, better, faster, stronger, and with 100% fewer gaping holes.

(an appropriate thread to necromance)

How about having it double/triple/whatevs any damage you do beyond the last point of damage the creature had. So if it was triple and you hit something with 10hp for 20 damage, you would do the initial 10 to kill then 30 extra on top to the corpse.