New item stacking mechanism (+Weapon Technique)

I really love the new item stacking mechanism, it work and it save space in the inventory.

But jsut a problem i have whit it, how do we take a few item at a time ? I Want to drop 5 two per four in a stove, but it drop all the fricking stack.

Heard something about using “m”, dont work.

Also how the hell do i use technique from combat arts. Are they automatics ? I heard long-ranged melee weapon could attack whit “f”, will try it tonight.

press the number of the item in the stack you want to grab or drop, and then try to pick up the stack

So… - f two by four (5)

Press 3 and then f

f two by four (5)

Press enter

  • f two by four (2)

Ha thanks, ill try it then :D. Hope it work, cause for now i simply go to my inventory, drop the item i want to drop one at a time, then drop the stack not needed back at its place only to get what’s on the ground and drop it in my furnace. Simple and awesome. Almost dont want to go back to 0.C .

You can drop part of the stack even in 0.C (in 0.B too iirc). Its just that most people don’t know about it. I used to play nethack in which you can also drop part of the stack by typing the required number and then the inventory letter and I discovered that cdda had this feature too.

The new stacking mechanism is awesome btw.

It also works for dropping things without their hotkey.

Just drop them as you normally would, but press a number before you mark them, if it works the item will be marked with “#” instead of “+” unless the number you entered was greater than the amount you have.
The game also accepts input of numbers with more than one digit, and will mark all of a stack if you input a number greater than you have.

Alternatively, you can use Advanced Inventory Management (default key “/” on the experimental builds), it’s a lot more dynamic, but until you’re familiar with it , it might be confusing. Advanced Inventory Management is the one that lets you move specified amounts of items by pressing “m”.

As for weapon techniques, they are automatic, the likelihood of using one is dependent on the skill with the associated weapon. If one is used it will show up in the text (e.g.: rather than "You impaled the zombie for xx damage, it will read “You displace and counter the zombie for xx damage”) In most cases the only noticeable difference without paying attention to the text will be attacks knocking zombies back or hitting two or more at once, and of course increases (sometimes major) in damage. Take note of the weapon you’re using, though. Not all weapons are compatible with all styles. You can check techniques, and compatible weapons for a style by opening the style select menu (the default key is “_”), highlighting the style you want to check, then pressing “?”.

O damn it work :D. Now that i know how to drop item from a sack, my game is so much easier :D. Or at least less time consuming.

Also good to know avbout technique, i will try to test my different style to see the difference :smiley: