Drop/Pickup X Amount

This is an issue that has been bothering me for a while.
You either drop it all, or you don’t drop anything.
You either pick up the whole stack, or you don’t pick any of it up at all.

I propose we resolve this issue, and allow the player to drop X amount from a stacked item in their inventory with the use of a prompt.
The same thing can be done for picking up, so we don’t have to pick up all 1010 nails or so fourth.

…I don’t really see this being all that difficult to implement.

Who’s with me?

Try d, then a number corresponding to how much you want to drop, then the letter of the item you want to drop.

You can already drop some items from a stack. Just press [d] -> [some number] -> [item] to drop a part of that stack.

So I’m just a fuckwit then.

same goes for the pickup x amount, just , or e and the direction of the pile, then type the number you want and select the item you’d like to pick up.