New armor

I am thinking of full platearmor. It would be heavy but if you fit it the armor would move in harmony with the body. It would make it very unlikely for attacks to not contact the armor.

Exist already. Look for it in mansions and pawn shops.

I thought it was just chain mail.

Nope, we don’t actually have chain armor. Here are the stats for plate.


Chain mail sounds like a good idea, though. I always thought those shark bite suits would make awesome armor during the zombie apocalypse.

They are made out of titanium and are light and extremely strong.

That is a tremendous idea.

How about motorcycle safety equipment, tough with all around coverage. Riot gear would be great, using a sewing kit with Kevlar would close all the gaps and make it some of the best armor. Here’s an example

I killed a zombie cop “obviously ready for a riot” and was wondering where the riot gear went. I love the shark bite suit idea, it struck me as one of those so obviously perfect for this situation that it was looked over.

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Sports gear like hockey gear or football gear can be great armor and can make devs put in sporting goods stores.

Surely “the devs can put it in sporting goods stores”? SG stores already exist and are great places to loot.

I’m starting to feel outdated. Maybe they can implement gambesons, a shirt with extremely thick layers of cloth. It is easy to make and offers good protection at the expense of insulation and encumberence.

Really, we should look into carbon nanotubes and Lotus Leaf, a good thing if we’re to comprehend future tech. Just a note, if high-tech gear is made for combat readiness, it’s ought to be rare to very rare.


new armors
I’ve never seen any sort of the unarmored exoskeletons ingame, they’re just like the powerarmor, but intented to MAKE YOU HYPER-BADASS and also very strong, but who need that pesky strength anyways. And they’re real, ya’know?
Oh, there are no army clothing except for the pants, why in the burning hell? Why can’t I wear that awesome sturdy jackets or nicely crafted army boots which as protective as steeltoed, but lighter and fits you better?

More things to add:
Hockey, ballistic and other protective full-face masks
Hard gloves - like that from the biker’s defense suits
Craftable-only leather armor set or so - because sometimes you need to leave your vault
Scuba - why not, eh? Also, can be used to maul that fukken skeletons.

Really, Lotus Leaf [b]IS[/b] a thing to imitate nature in a way; so it could be a nice way to suffice existing and future mutations as seen in CataDDA.

I was thinking more of a lotus leaf cloak for those nasty rainy days.

I’m liking the lotus leaf thing, and it could also maybe be used for water collection… Somehow…

What about that Geckskin stuff once we have actual Z-levels? I’d love to climb up walls and stuff… Like a gecko…

Little, add. As well as the sharksuit, the biggest use of chain mail these days is by butchers and slaughter men. They use either chain gloves or full chain arm protectors.

I'm liking the lotus leaf thing, and it could also maybe be used for water collection... Somehow...

What about that Geckskin stuff once we have actual Z-levels? I’d love to climb up walls and stuff… Like a gecko…

Well, my best guess that throughout the second half of the 21st century, nowadays quality clothing becomes common and nanomaterials take their place in the consumer’s market. In other words, you might not have enough money to roof your house with lotus leaf tiles or whatever, but you’ll want to own things like virtually unpenetrable blow-up boat and some shelter sheets based upon the manufacturing technology mentioned.

…and maybe some bird-like wings mutations once we learn to cata-fly. :wink: