Nechronica Redux

Hey, everyone! I’ve spent a couple of days fixing up Malkeus’ fix of the Nechronica mod. Just item names and description fixes, along with changes to recipes. I fixed the no harvest issues, too! I’m still new to the whole modding thing so let me know if you have any suggestions.

This mod adds items, mutations, bionics, monsters, and professions based on the board game Nechronica: the Long, Long Sequel. the professions are the zombie girls from the game called Dolls. They’re categorized based on the Doll’s type, so there are five in total. Items in the game range from a sweeter katana, sawblades on a chain, to what is basically two double-barreled shotguns welded together. Oh, and there’s the bionic that allows you to rocket punch zombies! Speaking of the zombies, there’s the new zombie queen monster, along with valkyries and many others.

Full list of changes:

  • 4 new bionics.
  • 1 new mutation category with dreams and mutagens/serums, along with 12 new mutations
  • 1 new martial arts
  • 6 new monsters
  • 6 new jobs from the classes of nechronica (not position), along with 1 fanmade class
  • 8 new clothes, including gothic lolita stuff
  • 8 new weapons

Download link because any mod requires one.

UPDATE: Alright, i’ve completely remade the professions, fixed the mutations and bionics, and tidied up the code. The link’s still the same
UPDATE: Added graphics
UPDATE: List things added by the game


Oh thank you! I will definitely try this out.

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Alright, so, apparenty the japanese one got updated. It brings us GRAPHICS!
And yeah, it’s updated with those graphics, except for the octo-barrel. I made new sprites just for it. The one on pic is just the ones from the original mod.


hmm i see a girl with crowbar as her hands, Blundergat shotgun and fun…

definitely on my modlist now.

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Check it out, i’ve updated the quad-double shotgun and added some new graphics! Oh, and i’ve fixed several things wrong with this mod

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Get fashionable!
Hello, my non-existent people! I have added graphics for the gothic lolita dress and headdress, pannier, and the survivor gothic lolita dress.
Download the update here;


:+1: Looks good, wish I could have done more for ya. Lol


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I appreciate your quick action very much Kevin. (verbose form of thanks Kevin)


What happened? Did someone just thought that this thing’s gonna be mainlined?

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No, somebody thought that the gothic lollita dress “sexualizes children”

Besides that, I’m going to have to try out the mod now.
I’ll let you know what I think of it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks to him, people know this mod more :yum:
Hope you like it, tho


It’s pretty nice to see this mod getting updated/improved. Making the professions based on classes rather than positions makes a whole lot more sense than what the mod had before. Though it was surprising seeing a fanmade class on the profession list.

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Is there a full list of all the additions?

Here, in this very thread

ah I thought that the above list was just a short summary

there is a recent update on monster flags now that breaks some mods like PK’s Rebalancing and Nechronica Redux…

here is the new change : (Mod Error) Pk's Rebalancing monster flag error (credit to Fris0uman)

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I’ve fixed up the flag thing so it’s running fine now.
Tell me if you find something you want me to fix