My WIP mod idea.ヾノ≧∀≦)o


I added ASCII art to all items~ Good experience.

"description": "
\r\n               ┌▄
\r\n    《:)]=‖■■■■■■‖▓▓▓▓▓██████‖■■■■■‖▓▓▓┇┨
\r\n                  ┗█  ┗┛
\r\n     [√]简单       [√]粗暴      [√]易上手
\r\n* 这个物品很<info>正义</info>。
\r\n* 这个物品很<info>精准</info>。",


WIP and more…


That’s… actually pretty awesome.

subtitles pls, other than that its great, i really like the slipper holster more than anything else tho.

Ignoring the other language. The visual cues and check radios are a nice feature. A little pointless as we only need the name and the “0/0” slots. But as an optional. Seems good.

Now who will do all the macro work for every item in game? lol