Multi-Ammo Weapons

So, mucking about with small mods, I have been thinking about some neat things to get going. The problem is all of them require more than one ammunition type to function(AKA, fire one time, two sorts of ammunition are depleted). Does anyone know of a method to do this besides UPS charges?

For those interested, the ideas had include:
-Rifle grenades
-flamethrowers with ingniters
-self-contained energy weapons(Specifically, a mod to make the G80 self-contained, no UPS needed)
–Would also potentially allow for things like powered weapon mods.

Some of the guns already have intergrated grenade launchers/other intergrated weapons, I dunno if that’s what you have in mind but looking at the files for that might give you some ideas. It’s the L523-MBR rifle that has a grenade launcher if that helps.

Yes, that functions as a second weapon, as do all combination weapons. Its not quite what Im looking for, sadly.

Kk, sorry for not being able to help. I guess the closest would be the fusion gun but that uses UPS so isn’t what you are looking for either.

you could program them to work with leadworks base coding, e.g. how they come with “pre-installed” mods like laser sights but can’t be removed
you could probably frankenstein a mix between the code for the LW and the underbarell shotguns

I can kind of see rifle grenades working if we decide to make it so we can actually load one round into the chamber without a magazine.

Doesn’t shotguns do that already ?

Thats done via built-in magazines.