Change ammo capacity of gun with gunmod

I’m wanting to make an item for a gun that changes the max capacity, the gun normally has a five round clip and the mod would ideally make it one shot. The mod is a launcher that is inserted into the muzzle and you load the launcher mod once (only one shot at a time) and you fire that round before having to reload. In short: How do I get a mod to change both ammo type and capacity?

Here’s the gun:
“id”: “kar98k”,
“copy-from”: “rifle_manual”,
“looks_like”: “garand”,
“type”: “GUN”,
“name”: “Karabiner 98 Kurz”,
“description”: “The Karabiner 98 Kurz or more commonly known as, the Kar98K or even the K98K. The Kar98K is a bolt-action rifle chambered for the 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge that was adopted on 21 June 1935 as the standard service rifle by the German Wehrmacht.”,
“weight”: “4082 g”,
“volume”: “3 L”,
“price”: 24000,
“to_hit”: -1,
“bashing”: 12,
“material”: [ “steel”, “wood” ],
“color”: “brown”,
“ammo”: “792”,
“range”: 3,
“dispersion”: 75,
“durability”: 10,
“clip_size”: 5,
“barrel_length”: “600 ml”,
“valid_mod_locations”: [
[ “accessories”, 4 ],
[ “barrel”, 1 ],
[ “brass catcher”, 1 ],
[ “mechanism”, 4 ],
[ “muzzle”, 1 ],
[ “sights”, 1 ],
[ “sling”, 1 ]
“magazines”: [ [ “792”, [ “792_clip” ] ] ],
“flags”: [ “RELOAD_ONE” ]

Here’s the mod:
“id”: “karlauncher”,
“type”: “GUNMOD”,
“name”: “Schiessbecher”,
“description”: “The Schiessbecher is a grenade launcher designed for the Kar98K. Diffrent from most launchers in that it is inslated in the end of the barrel and secured by a clamp. The grenade is launched by shooting a wooden bullet into the bottom of the grenade and this primes and launches the explosive.”,
“weight”: “750 g”,
“volume”: “500 ml”,
“price”: 200000,
“material”: [ “steel” ],
“symbol”: “-”,
“color”: “light_red”,
“location”: “muzzle”,
“install_time”: “0 m”,
“mod_targets”: [ “kar98k” ],
“gun_data”: {“ammo”: “ggp”, “skill”: “launcher”, “dispersion”: 300, “durability”: 10, “clip_size”: 1 },
“magazine_adaptor”: [ [ “ggp”, [ “shie_mag” ] ] ],
“ammo_modifier”: [ “ggp” ],
“flags”: [ “RELOAD_ONE”, “RELOAD_EJECT” ]

I also made a mag for a stand in:
“id”: “shie_mag”,
“type”: “MAGAZINE”,
“name”: “Schiessbecher mag”,
“//”: “This item should NOT spawn and if it does, it’s a glitch.”,
“description”: “The single holder for a grenade for a Schiessbecher.”,
“weight”: “100 g”,
“volume”: “100 ml”,
“price”: 250,
“material”: “steel”,
“color”: “black”,
“symbol”: “*”,
“looks_like”: “8x40_50_mag”,
“ammo_type”: “ggp”,
“capacity”: 1,
“reliability”: 10,
“flags”: [ “MAG_COMPACT” ]

Can you not just modify this to work specifically with the Kar98?

I don’t believe you will have much luck in trying to develop an object that simultaneously accepts two different kinds of ammunition. If that functionality does end up materializing, I hope the first weapon developed with it is the LAPD 2019 from Blade Runner.

edit: disregard, for I am silly and the Schiessbecher is a muzzle accessory

If it helps any, the Schisbecher would only work if the operator loaded a blank or even a wooden bullet into the chamber. Once fired the blank or bullet would transfer energy and launch the grenade (which only could be one at a time) which rests in a cup design.

The grenade and requisite blank could possibly be fluffed as a single item of ammunition with an appropriate reload time, I suppose.

Hmm that could work, I’ll have to look into that