Is it possible to have something like the coilgun but doesn’t run on ups

More specifically can I get a weapon to use a solid ammo and a liquid “battery”. Idea I had for making an alcohol powered gun for a mod. Would also allow the possibility for guns powered by other things.

You can mod pretty much anything.

Well the ups powered metal slingers have a stat called ups_charges which determines how many ups charges is required to fire one “round”. I want to make something that uses alcohol instead of ups without having to make it use a specific ammo recipe uses that.

so comb through the .json files for UPS entries, find everything relating to the UPS_Charge entry and create one for alcohol. Create a SEPARATE alcohol entry and give it a chance to spawn in bars or something or you can cause everything alcohol in the game to get borked.

I was going to use the concentrated alchohol ammo type for that. Similar to the stove only it’s for a gun.

As far as I know, UPS use seems to be counted separately to ammo, while a gun can only have one ammo type. It would probably be easier to make a small alcohol powered UPS recharger and let it power the gun.

Alternatively, you could make it so instead of reloading the gun normally you activate it to fill it with ammunition and alcohol, then convert it to a separate activated item with a certain number of charges, then convert it back to the empty version when it’s empty.

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As for the OP, there is no generic support for guns consuming multiple different types of ammo at once, though there are several legit use cases for it, so it might make it in eventually,

  • Flamethrowers IRL use fuel + propellant
  • Pneumatic weapons have ammo + propellant
  • Railguns or Coilguns want projectiles and energy, putting the power source in the gun makes sense.
  • Whatever the OP is talking about.
  • Pre-cartridge Black powder guns accept multiple components per shot, and blunderbusses can accept multiple projectile types.