My new characters are all bald in live people tiles set

After I updated the game few days ago, I found my player characters are all bald by default. (in live people tileset). I updated the game multiple time since then but the problem still exist.

Does anyone experience this problem ?

I’m on Mac and the game is installed with Homebrew (install --HEAD).

I think you need a hair mod

You have to set their hair color and skin color in your traits menu at character generation now. Note: Those traits may be bugged in a newer release.

Hi, I had the same problem like you today and the “Zets-Hair-Extensions” mod fix it.


Copy the folder Zets-Hair-Extensions-master and paste it inside the mods folder: CDDA/data/mods

Then you need to active the mod inside the game, where you setup your worlds.

Yes that’s what I remembered, but there is no appearance options in the traits screen when creating character anymore.

Thanks I will give it a try.

It is a little weird to me that the default tile set required a different mod that doesn’t included in the main game.

Since when is MSX the default? It only got really popular a few months ago. Most of the guys I knew using it had the line to Zet’s Hair mod right next to the link to MSX.

Yeah agree with you, it should be included taking in consideration that MSX++DeadPeople needs the Zets-Hair-Extensions to show custom hairs/beards/skin colour or eyes colour. The same thing with Zets-Hair-Extensions which requires MSX++DeadPeople to work, it’s a dependency.

Looks like something was messing in the latest MSX++DeadPeople update apparently, and the Zets-Hair-Extensions fix it for now somehow. If you still getting bald people, try to download the latest MSX++DeadPeople update from here (I was looking now and it was updated an hour ago):

CDDA-Experimental version normally include the most updated tilesets, but if you experience any issue with any kind of mod, try to find the source and look if there’s a most recent update available, that’s was how I was able to make it work.

Well, I can’t speak for others, but for me: I was away from the game five months ago and now coming back and found this new tileset, I try it and it feels great. Not only feels great, it looks great, it also has a more advanced layer system for clothes and other equipment, some textures has double size (some special monsters) and the overall sprite quality is very good, sharp images, good contrasts of colors…

I was playing with the ChestHole32Tileset around half a year ago (it is good don’t take me wrong), but after playing many games, for me MshockXotto+ and MSX-DeadPeople fits much better ingame and also feels much better. ChestHole32Tileset uses somekind of RPG-Maker sprites with huge heads, chibi-like and looks very childish, some item sprites has very bright colours too and all of the monsters/npcs/player sprites are always centered looking at you with those HUGE heads of the size of a melon. MshockXotto+ and MSX-DeadPeople has angled oblique sprites which fits great in the game background and proper scaled heads in relation with the body size, this also makes the objects equipped in your hand and clothes look much better in general and the mosters sprites are great too. But as you know, tilesets are all about personal tastes, this is all about how you like to play CDDA and how you like it to look for your own tastes.

As you say, it becomes popular very fast, lot of CDDA content creators in YouTube and Twitch use it too for a reason.