Mansion Basement Bug

In the basement of the mansion that I’m using as my base, the sewage pump tiles all have mail boxes on them. I seem to remember there was a recent change that added more mail boxes to places, so I guess this bug was introduced then…

Screenshot or savegame please.

Here you go:

Thanks. Found this place - fix is on the way.

Hey @JazzGuru

What tileset is this, mate?


It’s Zaraga Tiles, which is an updated version of Xotto’s tilest, along with Xotto’s Cosmetics mod… :slight_smile:


has the fix for this been added yet? I thought I saw it somewhere in the update notes (via the launcher), but I’m still seeing the mail-boxes on top of the sewer pumps in my mansion basement. Or will it only fix new areas that I explore?

With the new map memory system (which I’m not sure I like that much), the tiles look as they should do, when you can’t see them, but once they are in sight, then the mail-box appears again… :confused:

It will only fix newly generated areas. I updated to the latest experimental, and new mansion didn’t have that problem. For me it seems to be working fine now.


Thanks for letting me know… :wink:

You can disable memory map with { key.