MshockXotto+ tileset (new thread)

I’ve replaced tree.png and treeO.png with your files and edited tile_config.json like you instructed but when I try to load the tileset I get this error:


It looks like I did something wrong :confused:

Any advice as to how to fix this?

It’s missing a comma after “mon_spinosaurus”. The MX+tileset for cosmetics Xotto linked a couple of posts above includes the updated dinosaurs though, so you can download that instead and it should work.

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Dont know about the size. My problem is that theyre very weak.

genderswap hair (its unable in game)

heavy duty panel / rework overlay sprites of some gears


I made some new tiles for anvil_bronze, mon_hologram and holo_cloak.

Here’s a list of missing tiles for items that were added recently.

anvil_bronze, holo_cloak and mon_hologram - use new tiles
boulder_anvil and tr_ledge - give null graphic (972)
disinrag - give same graphic as rag
disincotton_ball - give same graphic as cotton_ball
762x39_clip - give same graphic as clip
magbandolier - give same graphic as ammo_satchel
stowboard_ne, stowboard_nw, stowboard_se, stowboard_sw,
hdstowboard_horizontal, hdstowboard_ne, hdstowboard_nw, hdstowboard_se, hdstowboard_sw and hdstowboard_vertical - all need new tiles, I made some quick temporary tiles for my personal tileset that I added to the MshockXottoplusFix github I posted before. Your vehicle tile work is better though, so I didn’t bother adding them to this post.

Unclear to me what the link is to get the changes from the last couple of posts

patch11: hd panels rework

changes - some of overlay sprites, heavy duty panel, stowboard, bandolier, crown, pine tree, molerat


download cosmetics mod for mx+ tileset


Oh, a proper-sized pike.
Does it mean we can get longer polearms and twohanded swords soon?

What about eye color? Everyone have blue eyes!
Also please check my tileset again, i have many new stuff there, and fix for shock absorber, i made normal icon for it.

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distinguishable misplaced hidden lab stair

it should have done earlier…

another solution


I think solution 2 works better especially for furniture where the texture colors might blend.

Are those stairs intended to be placed like that or is it a bug?

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type C

Well when you have a world that is randomly generated stuff like that happens. I am not sure if it should be called a bug but it is definitely one of the downfalls of this type of world building.

Also C looks even better than B

Hmm, several years ago I PR’ed a change that should’ve fixed that. Seems like the bug is still here.

Type C, I like type C.

32x48 humanoid

(only concept for now. replacing all humanoid sprites will be massive work…)


That is an amazing idea, on my 3840x1600 monitor its hard to appreciate the work that goes in to all the clothes layers without zooming right in which hampers actual gameplay. So this enlargement of humanoid models is genius.

Bug note: I noticed that seagulls and some acid-zombies (not sure which one) are showing as ASCII letters with the Ascension mod (which is basically PK Rebalance)

Is there a way to fix the textures to work with linear filtering (when zoomed), so you don’t get the odd outline around all texture edges? I understand why the artefact is there and apparently the solution is to add more buffer to the edge of the tiles, is that a thing that is not too hard to do?