Movement Ideas: Expanding upon the running and stamina mechanic

I have some idea’s regarding running and it seemed too in depth to post in the needful additions thread.

-Have foot, leg and torso encumbrance slow running down more or increase stamina drain. Running in jeans is difficult compared to shorts.
-Have high temperatures drain stamina. Just walking in 100 degree weather is exhausting.
-A trait that gives immunity to the lost breath debuff and allows you to continue past red stamina in exchange for damage to torso. Running yourself to death is possible.
-Have carried and dragged weight effect stamina loss. I imagine running with 30kg of Equipment would be tiring at the least.
-A trait that decreases the speed penalty caused by pain.
-A sprint mode that would not work with rollerblades, be affected by changes in direction, take multiple turns to reach speed, and cost 4x as much stamina as running.
-Recovering stamina increases fatigue, hunger and thirst.

Hopefully these will add to the game experience and difficulty. Let me know what you think.

Already in. Getting the “hot” (not just “warm”) status on a body part will drain 1 stamina per 2 turns. Scorching will double that.
There are 11 body parts that can get hot.

I was hoping for an expansion to movement options.

Namely? Stealth. Movement speed could logically affect how visible you are as well noisy you are. It could be a straightforward factor, mainly adding a second movement speed as an alternative to running or walking, to move slower yet be less noticeable.

While involved stealth mechanics might be doable, keeping it simple might be best. Adjusting movement noise and effective visibility at flat rates would be easiest, possibly further altered by relevant traits. A stealth skill would be interesting but not essential.

What about a jogging mode in the middle of walk and run that’s in the middle speed-wise and stamina-wise between walk and run?

Other than:
-A trait that decreases the speed penalty caused by pain.

I was planning all of these. Including the jogging thing.
Probably we’d bundle up the lack of a winded effect along with reduced slowdown from pain, and have you accumulate damage instead.

So soon we can have stealth? <3

I’m excited to hear that these are planned and thanks for looking them over.

ninjutsu will be finaly be usefull for something other than insane damage with katana

Hell yes. I do wonder what’d be the most efficient way to implement it though.