I think the name explains everything. Add “running mode” which nearly doubles the speed of the character for some time and significantly increases hunger, thirst and fatigue. One can say there is “High Adrenaline” for that, but the problem that this trait is activated only when in high danger (pretty pointless though. If you get that much damage you won’t be not able to run away efficiently. Also STR buff is useless in this kind of situation for the same reason - you get so much pain you can barely kill a squirrel let alone a zombie who managed to hit you so hard) and it’s a TRAIT, not something given by default. Also stamina can be implemented easily by adding some status like “exhausted” (from running) which prohibits you from running until it disappears.

That means this status need a cause.
what causes it?

what causes it?
Ahem. Seems like I used incorrect word. Disease it's called (in code of course). This disease is caused by moving in running mode. If there is not this disease then you will get it, otherwise its duration increases. When reached certain level of duration you can't use running as long as it's higher than certain threshold.

Might work but seems a bit hacky to me.

but if it a diesease can respect certain circumstances which makes for diversity in how long an entity can run (including monsters animals and npcs) then its good enough.

Maybe have a runners fatigue that works similar to pain or hunger. :slight_smile:

a fatigues system would be good for this and to nerf melee.

Fatigue system is planned. Then running will probably follow. And with running, other movement modes like sneaking.

Yeah, fatigue system ftw!

This is at the top of my list to work on once we have the post-release mergefest under control.

Haha, time for erythropoietin injections.

Yeah, a fatigue system is going to be awesome. Go Kevin!

You have no idea how happy I am that stealth will be a thing eventually.

You have no idea how happy I am that stealth will be a thing eventually.[/quote]

Me too!