Walk\run change

I was wondering what people thought about this: more speed options. Like your normal value would be 0 for normal\walk. Then you could move on the scale to - 1 and -2, say call them cautious and careful. It would make your move slower (maybe times 1.5 and 2 times your base), it would lower your sound made, and increase your effective perception for traps. Finally you can also move it to 1 and 2, jog and sprint maybe? It would increase your sound (maybe 2x and 4x), lower your effective trap perception, make you use your stamina, and make your move faster (maybe .8 and .5 of your base). Make at least players and npcs have this movement value default would be 0, and during certain actions and whatnot npcs would jog or sprint. If we made enemies have the value too then they would jog or sprint while running away. What’s people’s thoughts?

Not a bad idea, but it sounds kind of tedious to switch through an actual set of run modes with the current method of speed toggling. Also i already tend to forget which one im using till im either chased down by something, or out of breath. But a nice idea regardless

I want to expand the selection of modes, using roughly the set you’ve outlined, but the effects need to be good enough to justify the extra modes. In other words, the stealthy options need to actually be stealthy, and there need to be good reasons to use the different run modes.

I agree Kevin. Not enough on stealth in the game. Maybe there only needs to be 4 modes like:

-Stealthy- lower movement, increased trap perception, lower sound, and when near an object or wall or something you could use to hide it lowers enemies ability to see you
-Walking- baseline your “normal” speed
-Jogging- this would be faster than walking but sustainable for a while with lower trap perception and slightly increased sound
-Sprinting/Running- this wouldn’t be sustainable for very long but very fast, much lower trap perception and much more sound made

And ya I do the same thing Nick, I think that somewhere in the main panel there should be an indicator of what speed your using, it wouldn’t have to be much just like an abbreviation would be enough.