Stamina (sta) and running.
If player is running it reduce stamina depending on carried weight. Movement cost in this case - standard. If stamina low - player can only walk with 1.5x movement cost.
You have 150 x STR stamina points in begin.
Running reduce sta to 10 + 10 * (max weight/current weight) per turn
Swimming reduce sta to 15 + 15 * (max weight/current weight) per turn
Melee and throwing reduce sta to 10 per strike + STR/weapon weight.
Walking restore 5 sta. Standing - 10.
Stimulator restore (stim/5) sta per turn. (coffee gives 25 stim - 5 sta/turn)

In short if character with STR 8 don’t flees from large group of zombies in 140 turns - they tear him. Do you want to see it?

Having default speed be tiring would be bad design since players would have to deliberately stop for breath often, especially if they cared not to be caught winded. I wouldn’t want that experience unless I chose the “Asthmatic” disadvantage.

I propose to keep default speed non-tiring (although it may be made slower than it currently is), but add an ability to sprint instead. And running skill so you can sprint faster, longer and more often.

It might be good idea, as of my opinion, especially after some discussion and polish. I dont exactly know lore-wise but Z’s are supposed to know no fear, pain and tiredness. So they’ll track some especially loudy and/or smelly char or a loong time… and he/she might get tired, slow down and get ripped to pieces. Thats will put some stress on cautious playstyle, binocularsa for spotting Z’s hordes and so on.

Yes, yes. Something such it I want.

I like the idea of a secondary stat for running, I personally run with Quick And Fleet footed so nothing outruns me anyway, but a sprint would forsure add more depth and freedom to the game, however it will be very tedious to implement both these things.

Why? See how it’s done in DoomRL: you normally walk but when you press Tab you switch into running mode and it gives you a movement speed boost for some time (and a dodge boost when you move across the enemy line of fire). After the time expires or you stop it by pressing Tab again, you are in “Tired” mode which is essentially the same as walking, except you can’t start running again.

In DoomRL tiredness lasts until the next dungeon level or until you pick up a health powerup. In Cata it could just be a timer depending on how long you spent in running mode, your running skill and strength/dexterity.

a “winded” effect that progressively lowers dex and str and/or speed as you get tired sounds cool. it could work like pain that accumulates over time

-when using large and cumbersome melee weapons (adjusted to weapon’s weight or attack speed)

-moving over rough terrain, climbing fences and swimming

-when moderately encumbered or when you go over the volume limit

-when dodging or breaking grapples

-maybe a toggle-able “sprint” button that raises speed by a percent (possibly add a trait that raises it)
wielding a big machine gun and sprinting would slow you down

this would make combat more difficult which is - in my opinion - a good thing and would make overpowered end-game melee characters a bit less viable.

maybe do it like in rogue survivor? not only sprint will make you tired but mele fight too while small weapons like knives will do not tire player much but some bigger weapons like homewrecker will do it now player can kill tank bot with mele

If we ignore implementing running, applying stamina to fighting could be another good way to balance the game a bit, given stories of players clearing entire hoards of zombies without taking too much damage.

I do also like the idea of stamina in fighting, I don’t think theres much of a need for sprint now that I think it over, If you REALLY want to be able to runaway from zombies take fleet footed and quick.

Ehhh, having a limited supply of go-fast means that you need to escape, rather than just being able to perpetually avoid… Tis much more atmospheric.

Patch on 50% ready. What say devs?

Did you implement something?

Oh yes. But i’m not sure about interface…

Thanks for the link!

I’d need to see the PR. Personally am Leery of doing it DoomRL style as having to buy back my Cautious got frustrating (and I’ve seen stamina systems mishandled in other genres).

And welcome back. :slight_smile:

Yeah but in Cata you’d not have to buy it back, just wait a bit.

As for interface, well Tab is an unused key currently. If you need an indicator, then “Running” could be displayed in place of fighting style (incidentally making fighting styles unusable during sprint – since your combat stance is disrupted and all that). When it ends, just add a disease called “Winded”.

Also, there would be messages like “You start sprinting!”, “Whew… you can’t keep the pace anymore”, “You stop sprinting”, “You manage to catch your breath”.

Unreal World has an excellent running/fatigue system, for those of you looking for inspiration.