Move all suggestions to github issues so we can vote on them

That or add voting functionality to the forum. Seems like it would make your lives easier.

Some suggestions are already there i see.

The poll system could be used for this.

Can you update polls? It would have to be regularly and stickied to the top of the board. You’d also have to set the right amount of votes per user.

(I’ve never used a poll here)

Honestly, using polls or any other voting mechanism either here or on GitHub is not really a good idea, even if it may sound so at first.

The thing is that although everyone can join the development of the game, it’s not the community that decides. In the end, it’s the handful of regular contributors that decide what’s going in and what doesn’t. If a suggestion doesn’t get implemented in the game it’s usually not because it lacks support from the community, but rather because none of the devs wants or can work on it - for whatever reason.

It’s a much better way to keep track of stuff and prevent duplicate posts, regardless.

There exist deployable web apps and services for issues that support voting by people, including ranking and all that. That said, there’s probably too much fixing, upgrading, maintaining to do to worry about that.

If we’re lucky, there’s an extension for it on the smf this site uses.

Please don’t mass import issues into github. GitHub doesn’t have any features for handling the kind of thing you’re talking about.
If you personally think an idea would improve the game, feel free to make a GitHub issue about it, that’s what it’s there for. To be honest though we have huge numbers of feature requests being tracked already, so simply adding more has a low chance of improving things. If someone were to run a poll along the lines of identifying the top or even top ten issues that bother people about the game, that would IMO have a better chance of making something hapoen, but its not as simple as putting up a big list of issues and asking people to vote on it.

Noob question, but how do you make a poll?

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:4, topic:9764”]Project organization things:
We should vote on this: Nope
The project isn’t a democracy, no number of "me too"s or votes is going to change something we’ve decided on, however we listen to peoples opinions and arguments for or against things. A good reason to make a change has more impact than any number of votes. A lot of the issues in this thread are good examples of this

The project is run by me (“owns” the project, final say on features), a small group of core developers who review and merge changes, and a much larger group of contributors who make pull requests on GitHub. There are also translators who are effectively independent and a handful of people other me with moderation rights on the forums. Mod authors who host their own mods are also independent.

While we (the core contributors) ask for feedback and discuss issues on the forums pretty regularly, we aren’t asking for a vote or community consensus, just feedback and discussion.

Places where votes and popular support are important are which parts of the game are in most need of bugfixes or new features, sometimes a dev (myself included) finds themselves between projects and is just looking for something to improve, that’s when making it clear what needs improvement the most can make things happen.[/quote]

Note that voting on issues or suggestions does not always result in actual implementation. In theory, the developers will listen to feedback, not votes, about how good an idea something is.

In practice, it just leads to a lot of arguing over features that should’ve been more thoroughly discussed when initially PR’d.

Again, how do you make a poll?

try this

By the way, you cant start polls in this subforum.

I thought that was disabled last year?

You can create polls in many other subforums, like general discussion for instance.

Well, moving all the suggestions to github might not be the best system as it is already quite full with people trying to fix bugs as well as merging requests as much as I see.

I would suggest making a sticky thread - if someone is up to the task - keeping track as well as possible and writing together all the ideas in a file so people can look trough it and decide if they want to work on something they came up with, or if something on the list catches their interest.

Not only would this speed up progress, but as said before keep people from working on the same thing redundantly as well while even giving them a place to start if properly written. It’s definitely a huge task in itself, but surely something worth it.

A large sticky thread would be a start, but without voting it makes it that much harder for the cream to rise to the top. You need a custom built webpage, like Dwarf Fortress had at one point. Make it searchable, link to the threads where they’ve been discussed, allow submissions and colour votes according to your post count to stop trolls.

Voting in itself is rather useless with an open source project as the people bringing in new stuff aren’t a paid workforce after all. They will add things as they want at their own pace and with their own content. Only because it is wanted by the community (which isn’t always a good addition as well) it doesn’t mean anyone will start programming it.

A list of the ideas in itself thought, preferably with a rough outline of how to add them would be not only far more reasonable, but also useful addition to the existing system as it gives new programmers an incentive and especially rough idea were to start.

We’re going to have a incomprehensibly big list either way. Voting will help to clarify the best thought out features.

When there’s a million slants on a idea, how is a semi-interested programmer supposed to narrow it down otherwise? They might as well just search the forums.

I love how I poke my head on to elaborate why trying to vote on these ideas is unproductive, further quoting Kevin’s post on that in the FAS thread, and the OP’s next post after that is literally just to ask how to make a poll so they can go about doing what others already said is going to be a waste of time.

Welp, I tried.

Yeah, i’m the same guy from bay12. Sup.