DDA issue voting site!

Hi all, thanks to dRbig, we have a site where you can vote on what issues are the most important to you.
Head to http://iv.cataclysmdda.com:8111/all
Make an account, vote stuff up/down.

When a dev is trying to decide on what to work on next, they can check this site to see what is bothering people the most.

And don’t forget to click that link you should get in an e-mail to ‘fortify’ your account :slight_smile:

Also feel free to report bugs / suggestions regarding the voting app (Status -> Report a bug -> Usual GitHub Issues). You can also contribute code (https://github.com/drbig/cddaiv).

One very good suggestion that’s already in the pipeline: enable login via Google / GitHub / Facebook / whatever-does-oauth.

How can I vote for old issues/PRs? Apparently I can only vote for new issues/PRs or the issues/PRs with the most upvotes or downvotes.
I think a simple function like “enter issue/PR ID here” would here.

The app picks up new issues every 30 minutes. I didn’t do a full github issues dump (which I believe is not possible via the API anyway) - so yeah, old stuff that’s still open isn’t and won’t be in the issue voter. The voter is future-oriented, so to say…

That’s a lot of issues :confused:

[quote=“Void Space, post:5, topic:9023”]That’s a lot of issues :/[/quote]So helping to prioritize is a great contribution to the community :slight_smile:

You may want to filter ‘Issues only’ - by default you get both issues and PRs - and many PRs tend to address issues (as in bugfixes, work-in-progress etc.).

Also to clarify/for discussion:

An Issue/PR gets marked as ‘stale’ if it hasn’t been updated in a week (updated means activity on GitHub). The choice of ‘1 week’ was completely arbitrary. It’s configurable and thus can be changed very easily. If you (especially devs/contributors) think it should be different please make an issue at GitHub (here).

I notice that one of them has a [$5] next to it. Is that a bounty? I would like to throw a bounty at a few of these, how does one do that?

That would be BountySource; we’ve links on the Git issue pages, so find your target and check with 'em there.

Yeah, just open up the appropriate issue and click on the “Post a bounty on it!” link.

Follow up question, if I post my own issue, and a bounty on it, will it show up on this voting list with its bounty?

as far as I know it will.

I’ve added sign-up via GitHub and Google. This should login anyone who already has an account if the email matches.

If the email and/or login is not already used it will create a verified account with login from github, or the username part of email for google sign-up. At least it should.

As usual, bug reports are welcome.

Okay let’s give this a whirl

Whoops! Not cool enough for the cata school!!1

Is it possible to show number of comments next to issue/PR? It would be a convenient way to track discussions.

This seems to be technically doable. Yet I’m against it - I don’t want the IV to be information overloaded, and I want to present as little biasing information as possible (e.g. I will never show the author of issue/pr). And all that info is one click away anyway.

Also the ‘stale’ indicator is a proxy for discussion activity.

Having said the above - I want the IV to serve the community… Opinions will be heard, so to say :slight_smile:

BTW. If possible I’d prefer getting such suggestions through GitHub issues, as I don’t check the forum too often.

I’ve deployed version 1.1 today, which now by default does voting with JavaScript - no more jumping page when you click that arrow.

As I’m not particularly fond of JS you can switch to the old behaviour by clicking the link down in the footer.

As far as front-end is concerned I think the only ‘missing thing’ is that filtering could be done in JS, which should in theory make it ‘faster’, but honestly I don’t think I’ll bother with this.

Happy voting/coding/modding!

Seems we have now 50 registered users (not counting me) - half way to the round 100 :wink:

Also a note for people missing old(er) issues: it seems the GitHub API reports the last 30 modified issues - therefore old(er) issues are being picked up as well when there is some activity. Once picked up the issue will stay until it is closed (and then until it’s cleaned from closed).