Discussions feature now available on DDA Github

We’re enabling discussions as a place to connect with other members of our community. We hope that you:

  • Ask questions you’re wondering about.
  • Share ideas.
  • Engage with other community members.
  • Welcome others and are open-minded. Remember that this is a community we
    build together :camera:.

This new format gives us the opportunity to be more expansive about what kind of content we can host on github. Brainstorming and incomplete feature suggestions will be welcome in discussions where previously they have been redirected to the forums. We will be considering migrating some or all of the issues labelled as Suggestion/Discussion to discussions, but there’s no hurry.

I’d like to note that there is zero chance of this replacing the forums, some amount of “hey this would be cool” discusson could move to github discussions, but the full breadth and volume of forum posting would not fit on github.