Moles on steroids

In the latest experimental build, the moles seem a bit over"powered". Staying in one spot for some time and it is guaranteed, that somewhere around a huge area is dug over to “mounds of dirt”. I know, moles do dig, but I don’t think it should be this extreme. If giant worms dig this fast and leave a trail of mounds of dirt, ok, but moles are common as of now and aren’t this skilled and fast in digging around. Maybe make them less common and “giant” with spawn areas like giant worms?

So thats what those giant mounds of dirt were. It creeped me out when I woke up and found them outside my shelter. I thought it was a bunch of worms or something :smiley:

This issue is known and is being fixed as I’m writing this.

Unintended consequence, for the time being moles have just been yanked, with as reclusive as moles are in reality, I’m not sure they even need to be in the game.