Huge spike in monster spawns?

Before I bring this up on github has anyone besides me and someone on reddit noticed this in recent builds? They’re running into 3-6 migos at start and roadblocks with dozens of turrets. I’ve been updating while playing and I’m running across drug deals gone wrong that have multiple migos and enough amoebic molds and blobs to cause lag despite not being anywhere near a slime pit. My spawn rate is set to default and given what they’re complaining about I assume they haven’t set theirs to some absurd level either.

I second this.
The spawn also extremely weird at beehives and fungal towers (blooms etc).

That would be results of these:

Is there a fix already coming or do I need to take it up on github? Because honestly these rates are absurd.

No fixes yet, go forth.

Please test attached wip version (Windows version). Are spawn rates any better?

P.S.: Alternatively you can compile the following branch by yourself:

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It might be because I’m used to running through the launcher via Wine on my Linux machine but I can’t figure out how to make the game start from those zip files. And I have no clue how to compile from the base code.

Do you have code::blocks 16.01 with mingw?

Do you know how to use GNU GCC?

For what it’s worth, I wandered near a portal on a new save and it was pretty much solid nether monsters. Equal parts hilarious and terrifying, till I found some dead scientist loot with so many amoebic slimes that they were eating all the loot. A fix would definitely be nice.

Submitted PR with the fix:

Just to mention, I personally haven’t run into such problems. Sure, there is a crap ton of zombies, but you can blame wander spawns and me upping the amount.

It seemed to be an issue with set pieces like roadblocks and drug deals gone wrong not general zombie spawns. Drug deals and dead scientists were spawning multiples of everything they could instead of one of a specific creature and roadblocks were spawning dozens of turrets. I assume the person who ran into 30 jabberwocks also got the related quest.

No, he was probably just unlucky.

I got build 7111 this morning. Just ran into a military base with what must have been 30 mil-spec turrets on each side, about half an hour ago. It was night at the time, but this was the variant that also had mil-spec searchlights, so the whole area was lit up, as well.

Is that variant of the military base in the main game, or is it from a mod?

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Pretty sure that’s base game.

It’s not zombies that are the problem, it’s things like nether portals or apparently military bunkers. Find one of those and see what you think. (Assuming you’re using one of the latest versions)

There was far more nether beasties when I first when there. Dunno where most of them went.

There IS a problem with spawns in hard-coded mapgen(overmap and map extras). It will be fixed when rollback PR I linked earlier is merged.

Yeah I ran into about 50 amoebic molds in my current run, not sure what to do about it. They aren’t dangerous, but I’m afraid if I wander upon a bunch of mi-gos or something more dangerous, I’d be toast.

After the rollback PR is merged, will it fix current worlds, or will we have to travel a bit to generate new terrain and have it take effect?