Hordes bugged my game

I transfered my saves to the latest experimental build 8168 and met with “gamebreaking” bug. Mobs started to cope themselves. Fisrt i thought it is fine… I killed ~40 crawaling zombies at night… But in the morning i noticed huge pack of giant snakes. And i mean really huge. Other animals also increased in numbers. Opossums for example. I wonder what souls i do now…

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Revert up Revert "Improve monster tracker by eliminating the unecessary vector member." by kevingranade · Pull Request #26687 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub
Just waiting for builds to complete now.

You should roll back to your save backup you made before changing versions.

If you don’t have one, roll back to an earlier build and then debug-kill the excessive monsters.

Okay then. I hope i won’t meet it again. Any ideas what triggered It? I thought it appeared because of me starting new char On the same shelter for lootscuming.

Man, I was wondering why my game had started lagging horribly!

I reloaded an earlier save, and then found there were thousands of giant crayfish outside my mansion base.

I’ll try again, once the fix is up… :wink:

Just looted a hosue and went out… found 50+ Giant web spiders + 100 Fungal zombies + 10 fungal blooms there weren’t there before I entered… on my way back to base that repeted itself. :sweat_smile:

Sidenote: This is with the latest build AND a wholly new character/save and even world

Sometimes there is a time-gap between the changes appearing, and the update actually becoming available on the servers… :slight_smile:

This is an existing save after updating, which I had just added a couple of mods to and changed the tileset. Went back into town, saw a Biollante and some plague nymphs, which I hadn’t seen before. Started clearing out the bunch of zombies I knew were there, turned around to get to a more favorable position, and…


Now, fortunately these things can’t really hurt me, but what the actual hell? This is in the middle of a city, I’m currently surrounded by a few houses, a liquor store, and a garage, and I’m inside an office, where I found 3 of them inside a closed room.

Guess I have work to do. Deus Vult.

Habitat destruction is a horrible thing.

…And here’s a few hundred crows. That’s a lot of murders.

See that minimap? Yeah. There’s got to be at least a thousand.

It’s probably the bug that Kevin mentioned reverting, it caused monsters to duplicate rapidly.

Alt+F4 it is. Let’s see if one of the shiny new versions fixed it.

EDIT: Yes. Went back to the same area and there is only one bear. I have to admit I’m slightly disappointed.

hehehe…murders of crows…I see what you did there :wink: