I made a mod to remove Gigantic naked mole-rats specifically

I hate gigantic naked mole-rats at a molecular level so I learned a few basic things of modding C:DDA and made this mod.

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But why the hate, i mean the give lots of meat.

And concrete rocks… In your head.

thats some luck, in my last 5-10 playthroughs, i just encontered like 3 xD, altough yeah, 1 was in a lab wrecking everything

My first lab start ended up being a full sized facility, and there were two of those suckers. They’re not that bad as long as you play it safe and smart, not to say a little luck too.

Never encountered these before, why all the hate? Is it because they dig through everything or are just ugly?

Yeah, they dig through everything and eventually destroys several rooms and it’s get too boring to deal.

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