[Bug?] Terraforming worms madness

So recently I feel like something changed the “worms” behaviour, now they RAVAGE all land a whole tile around them, just a few weeks into my game, and whole area/tiles of my world have been terraformed into dirt mounds by worms.

Half my world looks like this.

Worms dig as they move, the solution to this is to kill them, make noise to attract them since they can’t see.
I don’t think it’s a bug.

They always do this. Seeing an entire tile mangled like this suggests that you’ve spent some significant time nearby (like sleeping overnight), with this critter in your AOI running around churning dirt - just like fungal growths will explode in size if you ever sleep nearby.


Just think of it as preprepared farming land to make use of if/when you feel like like making use of it.

Oh yeah. Worm stuff.
I’m about 120 revisions behind right now but just in case this hasn’t been mentioned already…

Giant worms make footstep sounds. Just tromping around down there, loud as hell. Apparently louder than their digging. :thinking: