Modding Question

Question. Lets say I adore this game, but everytime I get frostnipped in spring I ragequit.

Is there a way to mod this out of the spring? Its absurd. I just can’t play the game with it. The zombies are more realistic. For the record, while not recent, I live in the northeast, have been homeless twice, and have had numerous, numerous instances where I have slept in my car during winter. Again, not recently - this should absolutely happen during the winter without caution and preparation. But …not during the spring… Heck, right now I have an hours drive to work each way, and I’ve had plenty of snowstorm instances over the past few years where the snow got so bad I slept in my car. Without it being on. So its not as if I still don’t have some current experience of what I’m talking about.

Right now, what I’m specifically referring to however, is what in-game should be a much less extreme circumstance, which is:

'Leave the evac shelter during standard spring start’
Get frostnipped

I’ve done basic item and profession modding, but its been a loooooooooooong time since I’ve coded anything, so I’m not sure where I’d look or start, but this is something I absolutely want to change on my local copy, I just literally can’t handle it.

You don’t have to change anything in the code. Go in options, world defaults, and you can change starting season.
If you want to remove windchill system entirely, IDK about this one. Never got in .lua and other stuff when modding.

I find it annoying and unrealistic, but not a game-breaker. Particularly in the Spring – even mildly cold temperatures, to people who just got through winter, feel really warm and awesome. “Chilly” means massively different things to different people; I’ve lived in Canada for years and I can easily tolerate -10 to 0C temperatures without really feeling it. So when I keep getting frostnipped and then check the in-game temperature and see it’s like, -2 C, I just have to laugh. It was -26C here yesterday and I barely felt it.

To answer your question though, you would likely have to edit the code yourself or ask someone else to do it for you & compile, since I believe a lot of the temperature/weather stuff is hardcoded.

Another idea is to add a mutation (more of a start-trait) linked to heat resistance, or cold resistance: you adapt quicker to cold/warm temperatures and tolerate them easier, but, as a downside, you suffer penalties in warm/cold temperatures. That’d be like “COLDBLOOD” mutation line.

Frostnipped= you’re cold.

Frostbite= nothing will happen to you.

Yeah, what nija said. Being frostnipped is not that bad at all.
Being “Chilly” during winter and early spring is what I usually am, too. It slows you by 5% (roughly), and sometimes causes slight pain, so it’s really not that bad.

Also, as already noted, the first day of spring is also only one day after the end of winter.

I can see that for some starting professions it is rather hard to not get really cold in the beginning, but you can get the emergncy gear in the shelter against that.

Also, if you’re very cold, try to sleep on a pile of blankets/clothes. While you’re asleep, your temperature will get normal again, and you’ll lose all the bad status effects.

Huh, I’ve only once got frostnipped, and that was because I was playing as a different profession. Then again, I make hand wraps, gloves, etc. before I leave the shelter for any real length of time.