MOD that adds dried fruits, raisins and such, UPDATE 04-22-19 for experimental builds

As the tittle says I made a little mod that adds raisins, dried blueberries and a few others, with recipes to make them if anyone wants to try it out, I think I got it all sorted.
Any feed back is appreciated.

The reason the ones you find last longer then the ones you can make is because there is no sulfurdioxide in the game, and not sure how one would make it and add it to your fruits with just dehydrators/smoking racks anyways.


Adds fruit slices recipe for use in a smoking rack, slice the fruit then add that item to the rack, blueberries, cranberries, and grapes do not need to be sliced.
I know it adds an extra step, but I added these items for logic(tossing a whole apple in isn’t going to give you dried slices), and to not completely override the ability to make dehydrated fruit flakes in smoking racks.
NOTE this does however remove blueberries, cranberries, and grapes from the dehydrated fruit flakes in smoking racks, they will instead become dried versions, or raisins.
This also makes small fruits edible while frozen, blueberries, grapes etc I did this cause I didn’t want to make two mods for myself to account for the smoking tag changes, cause I’m lazy.
New smoking rack version, REQUIRES AT LEAST BUILD 8515, WORKS FOR 0.D

NEW EDIT 04/22/19
With the changes to vitamins levels this new version will give you the proper vitamins, and calories based on real world values rather then older in game values, if you use the older version with the experimentals you will be getting 1/4 the vitamins you should, because it used to be increments of 4, this also adds some vitamins that were lacking due to being less then 4%

New version for experimentals, should be good for any after 8765, I think that is when it was chaged was gone for a bit don’t have access to that build but that is when KorGgen updated vitamins per the log, if you use this with 0.D (or prior or 8765 I think) it will still work but you will be getting 4x the vitamins you should, so cheat if you want.
This also makes small fruits edible while frozen, blueberries, grapes etc I did this cause I didn’t want to make two mods for myself to account for the smoking tag changes, cause I’m lazy.


Please submit these changes to mainline. There’s no reason why self-dried fruits shouldn’t be a thing in the standard game.


Working on figuring out github, this is all new to me.

Okay I think I got it sorted and submitted.

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It was pointed out that the crafted items still inherit the decay from the base items so I bumped their shelf life up a bit, and updated the zip.

Does this enable them to be dried with the smoking rack, too? I do not understand why I can’t use that to dry out large batches of fruits and veggies the same way I do for meat when the item says, or at least implies, that I should be able to do so.

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I did not add the smoking rack to the recipes because I thought that much smoke in the fruit would taste odd, and you can already do the tasteless fruit flakes with that. But it does seem there are recipes for smoked fruits they normally have some spices added to them, and people seem to like them, so could be added, but seems they take longer to do them meats due to the higher moisture content.
I’ll have to look over the smoking rack mechanics see how the new way differs from just the dehydrating, see if I can figure it out.

Can I? Also, I wasn’t particularly talking about using it as a recipe ingredient so much as I was talking about how you can’t just drop a bunch of fruit or vegetables in the rack, fire it up, and forget about it until later the way I can do with raw meat or raw sausages. Even so, something that makes dehydrated grapes something other than “dehydrated fruit” as if it were no different than a dried papaya or mango is something I’m definitely going to have to check out in the next world I build. Something that made meat more diverse wouldn’t be amiss, either. Rabbit sickness is a real thing.

Indeed. It’s a fair abstraction, but making actual dried fruits to consume as-is is definitely a useful thing to have on long trips where I can’t or don’t want to carry the extra water to rehydrate fruits. Same as carrying smoked meat or jerky vs. dry meat. I definitely can’t wait to check this out. Might make a summer start just to take advantage of it quickly.

Also excellent reference to rabbit sickness. As a biologist someone pointing out the nutritional deficiencies in rabbit meat pleases me.

I personally think that most meat and fruit should be generic, but particular good ones should be separated. Beef is better than dog meat, so cows and cows alone should drop beef and there should be some recipes using it. Likewise, dried melons and apples might be the same generic fruit but dried grapes should make raisins.

Also, berries should vacuum pack separately from fruit slices dammit.

I’ll look into the separate fruit vacuum stuff later, but seeing as this is my first attempt at moding, and I know next to nothing about coding, it might be a bit. Main reason I think they did all fruit goes to vac fruit was to save on having to write out each recipe, and keep the crafting menu shorter, who knows.

Most things that seem odd I think was for ease of implementation initially, and understandably it is a lot of lines to make them each separate. Like the vitamin C levels of fruits, they aren’t set by hand to be increments of about 83, I may be wrong, but it seems it just pulls from the “healthy” level 1- 83, 2-166, etc. Which is why all the dried fruits have similar vitC, I just took a fraction of the base item, rather then setting them more accurate to real world. The other vitamins on them are, which is why your dried peaches for example will give you some good vitA, and some iron where the raw will not.

You should already be able to do that with wild vegetables in the base game.

So I can. I must be losing my mind, because I remember trying that before and nothing showing up. I haven’t changed experimentals so that’s not it.

I added char smoker as a tool to be used to make the dried fruits like the dehydrator, but after trying just adding the tags and such it didn’t work in the smoking rack, as in pop em in come back in 6 hours, searching on github looks like the ability to make them in the smoking rack is hard coded. It does not seem to be something I can change with json files in mod stuff, if it gets accepted into the base game I can look into figuring how to do the C++ to do so.

Anybody think I should add the less common dried fruits, like strawberries, raspberries, huckleberries etc?

Ask Kevin. I seriously doubt he would poo poo the idea of access to fruit. That’d be kinda silly.

There’s a minor fear of item creep if there’s a separate dried fruit for everything, I think

It’s a mod. With other mods, I’m already up to four or five different types of 9mm ammo; I personally wouldn’t have a problem with different types of dried fruit. For those who do, that’s why it’s a mod. Mainline can be streamlined for those who don’t want to micromanage their fruits and nuts and meats, and probably should be, but I am not opposed to a little more granularity in my dried fruits if it makes them as distinct as they are in meatspace.

Updated to reflect 90 day seasons for some reason my test world was at 30 days instead of my default 91.

With the update on 8515 that moved smoking rack abilities out of hardcode, and into JSON, I made a new version that allows dried fruits to be made in smoking racks, see OP for link and description.

hmm good mod, i suggest adding more dried fruits recipe such as sugary dried fruits or mashed raisins to add some variation.

talk about raisins, why so many people got angry when they saw cookies sprinkled with raisins?