Mobile version not opening

Everytime I try to run the mobile version it crashes and gives me the notification of crash and them the notification about multiple errors happening at the same time

Damn, I’m not having this problem, but I am having issues with the game crashing when NPC’s kill zombies, or sometimes when zombies are killed at random (Not me specifically).

I fixed the issue myself,the problem is that I’m facing massive lag on mobile

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How did you lower the lag?

Common issues seem to be either associated with not enough RAM, slow EMMC (internal storage) on your phone, ect.
CDDA is bottleneck by EMMC and RAM the most, and Android tends to use more RAM for it than windows or linux.

I’d only really recommend if if you have a phone with 3gb of ram if it’s 32 bit, 4gb or more if it’s 64 bit unless you’re running a debloated custom rom without many background tasks, since you don’t tend to have much free ram with modern, bloated closed source apps.

Keep in mind that on first launch of each build it may take a while since it’s extracting it’s assets.