Game lagging and crashing when 3 vehicles close together

I’ve been cannibalising pieces of two vehicles into my armored car, and at some point during the process the game became laggy and prone to crashes. Doing stuff like installing a few pieces of armor, or even just eating a piece of food frequently causes a crash in this state, and if I try to sleep the time moves forward very slowly. As soon as I drive my vehicle a bit further away the lag and crashes disappear.

Can someone take a look at this save?

What’s your game version? There was a really bizarre vehicle bug that was fixed very recently.

I was playing on 0.C-7987, and after the crashes began I tried running the save on the latest version I could find -8019. The lag and crashes seem to persist there, and as before they stop when I either drive my car away from the other two cars, or simply walk far enough away from all three of them.

Tried walking away from the three vehicles until the game stopped lagging, then walking back, and there’s no more lag atm.

Is it relatively safe to continue the save from version 7987 in 8022?

That’s just a couple of days of development. Some people here have worlds dating back hundreds of versions.