Lag on mobile version

Game is laggy on Android phone, any advice?

The game can be laggy on some computers, how good is your cpu at single core performance? What CPU and how much RAM do you have?

That’s the major case in mobile. Due to lots of new contents, even a 2gb ram phone crashes in the middle of the game :frowning_face:

Try changing your tileset, that could fix your problem :wink:

Does clearing cache or smth doesn’t help? Mine’s lagging like crazy when I move my character in one direction for too long.

the game lags on plenty of pcs in some situations, 2gb is low end these days, 4gb is mid-range, plenty of cheaper phones are 6gb ram, you want at least a snapdragon 636, 650, 660, 820 cpu or a higher end mediatek to run this well, a snapdragon 435, 450 or something won’t really cut it unless you’re patient.
We should really have recommended phone specs for the game listed honestly to prevent threads such as these.