Made a non schizophrenic dude for the first time


kinda new here (great game!) but all my dudes thus far have been a schizo ( bc… well… why tf not? ).

And it feels kinda… lonely…? wth this game is really quiet without the voices.

my usual start is lab and there are no npcs here, never have i met one. not needed to bc i had great imaginative ones…

Soooo where do i go to get real voices ?

thanks in advance

There are guaranteed NPCs at mi-go camps, those place are pretty damn dangerous though. Refugee centers also have NPCs and so do Hubs, can’t remember if you can recruit anyone at the center though and you can’t at the Hub. Otherwise you’ll just have to wait for someone to turn up, it might just be chance (or they might just survive longer and I can spot them easier) but I tend to have them turn up after spending time in more openish areas that are out of the way like farms/cabins etc.

Been to 3 shelters, nothing so fat ill keep looking thanks. where do i find mi-go camps? woods? city? ect

Use the computer in the shelters and it will give you a route to the nearest refugee center, Mi-go camps just seem to spawn outside of cities, you’ll know when one is near when you start running across lots of mi-go type enemies (be VERY careful, the higher level mi-go can be really nasty to deal with).

got it, thanks again

No probs, good luck.

Prototype cyborgs in the labs can be rescued, too, if you have good medical/computer skill, and have either scrambler grenades or a control laptop to disable them safely so you can perform the surgery.

you can recruit the peeps in the lobby of the refugee center.