Cooling a room?

Hi, i installed a couple of vehicle coolers in a closed room (there is a window open for wires, but installed a closed car door there. The room is quite big (maybe 12x12 or so) and it’s summer. The coolers are working 24/7 but i can’t make the room confortable to the character, it’s always too hot! Do i need more coolers or is it impossible to lower temperature in big rooms? help!!!

Assuming the vehicle cooler still works the same way it did back in 2020… Do you have a way to dump the hot air that the vehicle cooler’s also produce at the outside of the room you’re trying to cool?:

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Didn’t know anything about hot air!
I should put a muffler in the outside part of the vehicle, shouldn’t I?

Indeed. As long as it’s part of the vehicle, it will (or should) dump the heat from any connected vehicle cooler on that muffler tile instead, passing through vehicle walls/doors without any problems. The then generated “hot air” on the muffler tile shouldn’t be able to go back through walls and closed doors, if it works as intended.

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