Medicine Shrinking To Quantities of 1

So in the latest experimental build, my aspirin, vitamins, first aid, nyquil, dayquil etc you name it decided to go from quantities of 40-60 for the pills, from 4 of the first aids and so on to just 1 when I happened to log back in (Bottle of disinfectant seemed unaffected.) Not sure if it shrunk quantities before I saved and quit but I know the ones in my inventory were fine. The medicine in my inventory and on the ground I had stashed in a house just were all gone except 1 of each. 

Tryed to recreate it but did could not get it to, if it happens again I will pay more attention to see if I did anything specific which triggered it though.

They are getting nuked on save/load, fix inbound.

Ah ok, thanks :slight_smile:

You may want to play later, but it’ll cost ya boy! :stuck_out_tongue: